Friday, November 5, 2010

In My 'Hood - Mile End Delicatessen

I've been inadvertently passing by Mile End Delicatessen in my neighborhood for awhile now (Hey, it happens. It's off a side street!). Husband J has been telling me about the lines out the door on weekends. Since I am not a really big meat eater, I guess I was not in a rush to try it; but I am glad that I stopped off for lunch a few weeks ago.

Mile End is a spiffed up, modern, hipster-y version of the traditional Jewish delicatessen...matzoh ball soup and all. I actually wish I had tasted the matzoh ball soup. I LOVE matzoh ball soup! Mile End is also known for its Montreal bagels. Seriously, y'all, I didn't even know that there were special kinds of bagels from Montreal! Apparently, they are thinner than regular bagels, boiled in honey infused water, then baked in (world-renowned, who knew?!) Saint-Viateur wood-burning ovens. Sadly, Mile End only serves them on the weekends. They claim that they truck down the bagels from Montreal the night before. I was disappointed that I couldn't try them. Bummer...The bagels are available for pre-order online, so next time I'll try to be more proactive.

What did I get instead?

The Smoked Meat sandwich (beef brisket on rye bread with mustard) & Coleslaw

I loved the tangy red cabbage coleslaw instead of the usually creamy, sweet kind. I did like the brisket. It was a little dry, but the parts with the fat were heavenly. I think the fat made the meat more moist and tender. It was seasoned perfectly with just enough flavor to not overpower the beef. I did have to add extra mustard here and there, but golden mustard is really a deli staple, so I didn't care. Overall, a tasty lunch.

While eating at Mile End, I found out that they were about to shoot a commercial for Blackberry. Hey, I've got a Blackberry, even though I really want an Iphone. Get with it, Verizon!!

AND they didn't cast actors. They cast FOOD BLOGGERS. They were supposed to be at Mile End talking about how their Blackberrys help them in blogging. This I'll have to see 'cause I don't feel like mine helps me in this way AT ALL (tweeting, yes; blogging, no). Hey, I blog about food stuff, and I've got a Blackberry...what's up? Can I be in a commercial? :)

Hey guys, over here! Film me...LOL!

I eventually had to get up and leave, so perhaps I am in a shot or two. It's supposed to air on major networks.

Anyway, I had to sign a waiver and loved reading some good 'ol legalese. As a non-practicing lawyer, I sometimes like reading a good contract to take me back to the old days. I love the lines where they tell you they are going to sue the pants off of you, but do it in a nice way. I love you, lawyers! I was actually surprised at what I signed. I doubt people understand some of the ramifications.

I HAVE to go back to Mile End for the:

1. Fresh Challah available on Fridays and by special order during the week.
2. Montreal bagels - I am totally intrigued!

Mile End Delicatessen
97a Hoyt Street

Happy weekend!


lavenderpug said...

i've never heard of a montreal bagel! that brisket sandwich looks tasty. and you would be awesome in a commercial. they missed out!

BigAppleNosh said...

Looks like a great place! I looove matzoh ball soup as well. My mom used to make it and I was the curious Chinese girl who brought matzoh ball soup to lunch at PS 1.


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