Friday, April 29, 2011

Touring Turkey - A Video Intro to Cappadocia

Hey, all!

I'll be shifting gears next week with the Turkey posts and moving from Istanbul to the Cappadocia region. Honestly, Cappadocia was my favorite part of the trip and the place I anticipated seeing the most. I promise you'll be really intrigued by the beauty and history there.

Since it's 2011, and I'm supposed to be upping my blogging game (watch out now!), I made sure to do some on-location vlogging. Here's the first of a few pieces of video/vlogs that I hope to show you here on the blog. I'll also be adding some video to the Facebook page that will not appear here, so be sure to check that out.

Some things to know about this video/vlog:

1. I say "um" a little too much. It's my first video. I promise they get better. :)

2. Husband J was not a very good camera person. We joked about how I was talking about something, and he was still focusing on me. He gets better at it.

3. Pronunciation key. It's Kappa DOH KEY UH ....NOT Kappa DOH SEE UH for Cappadocia. Also GOH REHM EH not GOH REEM for Goreme. I was wrong in this video. Oops!!

Some of the videos will be completely unedited because they're more fun and better that way; however please bear with me as I learn video editing. You guys don't mind, right?

Here it goes:

A Video Intro to Cappadocia from TAOTerri on Vimeo.

Also since I was born a British subject, I want to send a quick "Congratulations!" to the newly married Prince William and Princess Catherine. My advice to them: Marriage is good. Cherish each other.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

You're a royal subject and you weren't there waving flags all day?! Your not a loyal royal subject. j/k

I always thought it was Kappa-doe-SH-UH. Shows how much I know. Thanks for cluing me in! :)


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