Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In My 'Hood - Linger Cafe

Do you have a local cafe, restaurant or bar in your neighborhood or town that you know that you should patronize more often but don't?

I've got one, and it's called Linger Cafe.

Linger Cafe Interior

Cool ceiling, huh?

This place is so ridiculously close to me and quite good that it's a shame that the most I've ever been there has been the past few weeks. I should be so happy that this stretch of super busy Atlantic Avenue even has a cafe that serves good food, BEER & WINE, and has free w-fi. Hello!! Isn't that like the perfect cafe trifecta? Being out of work lately has made me just want to stay on my balcony rather than leave home and spend money. Perhaps the heat has made me lazy? Either way, I got off my butt the other day and went to Linger.

I've been wanting to spend more time outside this summer (Yes, I like the heat. I was born in a warm country.); and, while I am thankful for it, instead of occasionally baking on my super hot, uncovered balcony, I could have been here instead:

You're not getting this at Starbucks.

Bad move on my part for sleeping on Linger's quiet (and completely covered by trees) garden area.

I could have also been eating great salads and pastries. The pastries are baked on premises. I know that's true because I've seen them coming out of the oven. On one of my latest visits I had:

Kale & Quinoa Salad

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I am obsessed with quinoa this summer. It was a fresh and super healthy salad. Kale is a superfood if you didn't know that already. I thought there would be be more quinoa but was glad there was more kale. The raisins were a nice touch and added some sweetness to the dish resulting in pretty good balance of tart and sweet.

But I couldn't keep my visit totally healthy....

Apple & Butterscotch Scone

I ate the scone way too quickly and seriously thought about another one. I've never heard of apple and butterscotch anything, but I'm telling you it works. It was a damn good scone.

As I mentioned before, Linger serves brunch, a collection of local wines and beers and even some savory, small plates in addition to the usual cafe pastries. There's also live music during the evenings and weekends. Husband J and I caught a group playing Spanish music for free. Between a couple of glasses of wine and some guys who sounded just like the Gypsy Kings, it was a nice night out for a fraction of going into Manhattan or leaving the neighborhood.

I'm actually pretty happy to have something like Linger on this stretch of Atlantic Avenue, which has seen a major rebirth this year. Sadly, other parts of Atlantic Avenue are not faring so well. I'm hoping to patronize Linger Cafe more to support a local small business that is so close by.

Are there any small restaurants, cafes, or food businesses in your area that you go to often? What do you like best about them?

Linger Cafe
533 Atlantic Avenue


BigAppleNosh said...

That apple butterscotch scone is mouthwatering!

lavenderpug said...

that does sound like the *perfect* cafe! i'm totally digging that kale and quinoa salad.

Layla said...

Whoa, I was not expecting that outside area! That place looks awesome!

bailie marie said...

We have a local coffee/cafe place which is buy my work and whenever I go to Starbucks instead I defiantly have a little guilt pang!

M and C said...

I second the mouthwatering butterscotch scone! I'd love one now.

Creature Gorgeous said...

What sleek and fantastic place. Lucky you! I did not need to see that scone right now!!

Nellie said...

what an adorable place! I want to go to Brooklyn now.


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