Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Am I Doing?

I thought I would actually write a little more a thoughtful post today, since I was up last night wondering what to write (too much sugar in my homemade mojitos perhaps?). I had this weird "talk" with myself which made me question why I blog particularly on this stuff. This "stuff" meaning food and travel. Maybe it was a moment of complete lack of self-confidence and my "Gremlin" talking to me. By the way, a good friend calls a person's "Gremlin" their inner voice that tries to dissuade them from accomplishing their goals and chips away at their self-confidence.

Anyway here's my conversation in my head last night:

Try Anything Once Terri: I'm behind on posting this week. Something needs to go up tomorrow. What should it be? Something on Bali? My trip to Fort Defiance and Baked in Red Hook? Fatty Crab? Governor's Island?

Gremlin: Why are you even worried about this? No one reads your blog anyway!! They don't care. All you do is brag aboout where you went. The travel stuff especially in pretty crappy. Look, shouldn't you be doing something more important with your time instead of spending it writing something no one cares about? Last time I checked you're not exactly bringing in money here. There are like 5o million other blogs out there. A whopping five people read yours (well, more like 20 or so according to Site Meter). Waste your time if you want.

OUCH!! My Gremlin is pretty rough, and it was last night. I think it's the convergence of a lot of things happening to me right now: Getting older (as in I have a birthday next month and for some reason it's freaking me out more than usual); contemplating major life changes in the realm of motherhood and family and how it will affect the things I love to do (I give props to people to travel certain places with kids.); lack of career satisfaction or feeling like I have done nothing of worth professionally (add the other two previous things to the mix, and then I really feel whack).

I try not to let other aspects of my life influence what I do here, since this is supposed to be my happy, carefree space. I'm sure that I will continue to do this blog because it's an outlet for me. Many of you blog under much more crazy circumstances than I do (i.e., you have demanding full time jobs; children; this is your livelihood; etc.), so I am not going to complain.

Anyway, for the bloggers out there, what keeps you going blogging about the things you love? What are your hopes and expectations for your blog? Is it just a diary of your thoughts? A means of relaxation? A vehicle to profile other things you do?

I will leave you one of my favorite pictures from my trip to my beautiful island homeland, Antigua, a couple of years ago. I'll get to the story of that trip sometime. :)

P.S. Please say hi in the comments. I'd love to get to know my readers more. Thanks!


Coasting Anon said...

I blog for a few reasons:

1) I process better 'out loud'
2) I like the creative process
3) I like being able to record the history of my life and family
4) I know that even though I only have small subcribership, they choose to read me

Let me expand on that last one...the best way I have been able to describe blogging to my non-internet trusting husband has been that it is like subsrcibing to a magazine that only has articles written by people you want to hear from usually discussing things you want to hear/see/look at. I don't pressure myself to blog every day as much because I recognise that the people who want to read what I have to say will seek me out. And as long as it is still a creative outlet for me and it still gives me joy, than I will continue to post.

I, for one, LOVE your travel posts!! They take me someplace I can't go to right now (although, traveling with a baby isn't the worst thing in the's just that trips to beautiful places aren't in our time budget at the moment) and I truly appreciate it.

sarah said...

I love travel blogging - I can't always travel but it's so much fun to write about destinations. And I always hope that I can help couples choose the right place for them. I think you should keep your gremlin quiet! You've only just started blogging and it takes time and diligence to build a good readership. Keep at it. :)

Sarah @ The Honeymoon Blog

Layla said...

But I live vicariously through your travel, because I can't do so myself! I'm not adventurous, and I'm broke...

I started blogging to have a diary. I didn't have time to write in one any longer after working all day, going to to school, life....but still wanted one. I could crank out a post online in a 1/4 of the time I could hand write one. I guess I could have just put it in Word and not posted online and called it a day, but I also like the advice, suggestions and camaraderie I get from the people that read my blog, and from reading theirs.

Sometimes, it's not very deep. Sometimes I'm just bored and it's something for me to do. More often than not, it's a place to put my thoughts in print, which definitely helps me sort through my thoughts. I also like that it's a timeline of my life. I love going back and reading old posts and seeing how my life has evolved. Do it for YOU. Do it because you love it. If you don't love it, don't do it. :)

Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

Hey, Gremlin, I'm reading, and I love your adventures. I blog b/c it's nice to have a journal of the things in my life that I spend so much time on but are yet entirely ephemeral -- like food. Plus it's good to feel like I'm doing something semi-productive, since I'm still waiting for a new job to come through.

Cathleya said...

Blogging should be therapy. It shouldn't matter how many people read. If blogging doesn't make you happy then don't do it, you know? It's like... if you choose to eat at a fatty, totally expensive restaurant and you love it then it's worth it---money, calories, etc. But if you go and you feel guilty and you think about working out 3x as hard and how much money you're spending, then it's not worth it---you're better off making a salad at home. Blogging is the same way---it's a hobby, and it should be fun!

Sugar said...

I am reading here too. I don't know why I blog- but I do and sometimes it's pretty great. So take that Gremlin. As long as it's fun- who cares.

BigAppleNosh said...

Wonderful and thoughtful post. I've definitely heard the Gremlin before. I try to remind myself that while I would LOVE to have this be my full time job, it isn't - I'm supposed to be doing this for relaxation and fun. The moment it stops being relaxing and fun, I need to stop!

Keep it up, as you can see, you've got a lot of enthusiastic readers :)

Try Anything Once Terri said...

Hey all!

Thanks for your kind words!!! I think I just needed to get this ickiness off of my chest, and I definitely that here. LOL! I will definitely keep going and keep bringing you as many interesting experiences as I can share with you.

Lots of love to you all,

Christiana said...

Yeah man, tell that gremlin to suck it. I don't know what Fatty Crab is... but I think you need to write about it.

M and C said...

I read too, I'm just late to the party. I love your travel posts. They open up my travel horizons. I think everyone gets hounded by the gremlin sometimes. I know I have. Keep writing!

lavenderpug said...

yeah, tell gremlin to pipe down. write on, terri! (that is, if you want to and enjoy it, and we hope you do). i blog because it's a nice hobby that makes me feel productive. plus i love comments. the 5 or so that i get.

BWB said...

I know this comment is a month late but reading your blog makes me excited to start blogging about my honeymoon! This after feeling quite blah about blogging after the wedding. Also, I've already got a really long list of must do's from reading your post!

kristi said...

I just found ur blog yesterday and love to read it.
I enjoy ur story and amazing photos a lot.
Love it!


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