Friday, October 22, 2010

A Versatile Blogger? - Seven Things You Didn't Know About Me

The oh so intriguingly cool Nodakademic (the girl is a female Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor) is playing some blogger tag and has tagged little 'ol me. I feel special. Thanks for thinking of me! I'm sending a hug (and some donuts) to you in the upper Midwest.

Anyhoo, I have to tell you all seven things that you probably don't know about me. Can I tell you that this was hard? Some of you have read some of my blogs in the past, so I knew tat I couldn't just write just anything in this post. Here's what I came up with:

1. I like to eat seasonings. Huh? Okay, just basic ones. I started eating sugar packets a while back. It's a bad habit. I don't really eat much sugar but sometimes I would just want a little taste of sweet without actually having to eat..anything sweet. Lately I've it's gotten a little worse. I've been eating salt and pepper. I love the coarseness of salt that comes from the grinders that we got as wedding presents. It reminds me of Kettle chips salt and pepper potato chips. Yum! When I want a kick of salt and pepper I just grind a little out and done. I'm officially weird to you all, yes?

2. I have a fear of driving. Due to growing up in a city with upteen public transportation options, thinking that I would never really live anywhere else, and also thinking that I would never ever be able to afford to own my own car (I've never owned one to this day), I decided that it wasn't a priority to learn how to drive. I didn't learn how to drive until I got to graduate school and that's because I was going to be spending some time in L.A. and needed to. I got my license, but HATED driving in L.A. (aggressive drivers!!). The whole experience rattled me so much that I haven't driven since. The idea of visualizing myself drive makes me want to cry. I'm not kidding. It's probably one of the few things that give me any anxiety. I've never had to live anywhere where I've needed to drive, and where we currently live maintaining a car is a luxury. When Husband J decides that he is going to drag me out of NYC kicking and screaming, it's not going to be pretty.

3. I sucked dirt and got hit in the head with a cricket bat (we don't really play baseball in the Caribbean) all before the age of 3. I know you're thinking, "No wonder!!" :)

4. I am big sports fan and a superstitious one. I really can watch almost anything sports related live or in person. I wasn't really an athlete in high school, but I was athletic. I preferred to dancing to sports teams. Either way, I think my interest in sports taps into my latent love of moving my body but also seeing people excel at something or reach their own individual or group goals. As for my superstition, it mostly applies to the New York (American) FOOTBALL Giants, my favorite team in my favorite sport. I have this weird idea that if I actually do WATCH them, they'll lose. I've even made Husband J turn the TV if a game they're playing begins to go awry. I spent the second half of the Superbowl back in 2008 in my bedroom. Don't worry though; the special Patriots fan in my life, Husband J, was not subjected to the DVD I bought with highlights of their season.

5. When I was in high school, one of my goals in life was to start the most successful third party in U.S. history. I was fascinated by politics then. In college, I was more interested in grassroots organizing, and I've always been interested in social movements. My last job was in the government/political realm; and honestly, it took any sort of aspirations of political anything out of me. New York State politics is particularly bad, and I was surely disillusioned after my experience.

6. I've never held a job for more than three years. that's why I've got a jacked up career. Got it! Just kidding. Apparently this is quite common in our generation. I want my next job or career move to be something I do for a very long time.

7. I went to the same high school as the creator of Gossip Girl. I've only watched fifteen minutes of the show, and I had to change the channel. It brought back too many bad memories of high school for me. I went to a very ritzy NYC girls' school except I was not ritzy. I always joke with people that "Gosssip Girl" didn't have a working class, person of color, focused, brainy character on the show (I think they had a Black person on once, right?). I'm glad I went to my high school though. I got an amazing education, and it made me a stronger, well-rounded, more confident person.


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Tagged persons: You don't have to write this much. I am annoyingly verbose. :)

Happy Weekend!


nodakademic said...

Awesome!! I'm so glad you 'played along' (and I'll be waiting for those donuts!). FWIW, I would be terrified to drive in a huge city too. I bet you'd be fine in a smaller town or city, where roads are wider, there aren't as many lanes, and people aren't as tightly wound!!

nodakademic said...

Oh, and I like seasonings too. Specifically, ramen noodle seasoning packets, but also salt and lowrys. Aren't we cheap dates?!

Try Anything Once Terri said...

@nodakademic - Haha! Yes we could be cheap dates! Lawry's is the BOMB!! Love it. I have been told I would be fine driving in a smaller place. Four lane freeways freaked me out so much!

lavenderpug said...

i love you that just take some salt and pepper and eat it--that is completely awesome. i have never thought of that. and until this job, i never held down a job for more than two years--so i feel kind of in the same boat as you! and yes, driving can be very unnerving, but i had to do it so much in the bay area that i'm used to it now. oh god i'm tagged.

Sugar said...

Ha. I grew up in LA and there are only two things that I still claim- the Dodgers (my favorite sports team) and LA driving. I am such a LA driver. Oh, and the creator of the Laguna Beach (remember that show) went to my HS. So I totally relate to HS drama shows!! So bad.

Try Anything Once Terri said...

@lavenderpug- Thanks for appreciating my weirdness! :) You'll do a fabulous job on your post (wink, wink)!

@Sugar - I totally watched Laguna Beach!! That must have been a a fascinating place to go to high school!


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