Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zoning Out in Arizona - My Sedona! (The One Where I Befriend Bikers)

If you get the song reference in the title, thank you for indulging my cheesiness!

The Southwest is beautiful. Some of you already know this, but I surely didn't know firsthand. Before this trip, my visions of the Southwest were from western movies or cool car commercials. I've always wanted see all of the gorgeous twists and turns that rock formations in this part of the country had become over time. Husband J had really been the one driving us (literally because I don't drive) to take this trip, since he had lived in Arizona for a few years while attending graduate school. He really wanted to show me the Arizona that had captured his heart.

Husband J thought that we should take the scenic route from the Phoenix/Glendale area through Sedona on our way to the Grand Canyon. I'm so glad we did. It was exactly the Southwestern beauty I'd wanted to see.

Can you imagine grabbing your morning coffee and looking at that? I wonder if it gets old to Sedona's residents.

So about those bikers.....Husband J and I stopped off at a tourist information center/"scenic view" spot for a bit. As we got there, a whole group of Harley Davidson aficionados decided to roll up there too. Even though I was standing right next to them, they asked a European tourist with a really large camera to take pictures of their group using their cameras. All 15 of them! Anyway, being a gracious traveler, I asked if they wanted my help too. Husband J, who had gone off to ask for good directions and other info, was pretty shocked to see me playing photographer when he came back. Here are my biker friends:

I will say that my biker friends were very appreciative and sweet. These were definitely not the Sons of Anarchy type bikers (For some reason, Husband J loves that show). One woman and I got to talking about her daughter's transition to college at NYU! Even I got to take a picture with them.

Can you find me? ;)

They had some pretty nice rides too.

While I was playing photographer, Husband J was learning more about Sedona and about a few more places we could see in town. One was the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

We didn't go inside, but I can only imagine how awe-inspiring the view must be from there.

After driving some more, we just pulled off the road into a park (I think it was a park) to stretch our legs. I was still taking in the beauty and all of the beautiful red rock.

I look totally fashionable, don't I? Here's to being in a car for several hours.

Anyway, I will leave you with a few more pictures. If you can't tell, this Northeast city girl is smitten with Sedona.


rabitstew said...

Gorgeous! I've never been so I'm living vicariously through your posts :) I'm happy you enjoyed yourself in the Southwest!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

I've been wanting to visit Sedona, hopefully your pictures and post will convince the Hubs :)

Try Anything Once Terri said...

@Ali - I hope so too. I wish I got to spend more time there.

@rabitstew - I'm glad you're enjoying the posts. :)

BigAppleNosh said...

I LOVE Sedona! Love it! So glad you got to see its beauty :)


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