Tuesday, February 8, 2011

L.A. Revisited - Griffith Park Observatory

During my last time in Los Angeles, I never made it to the Griffith Park Observatory, but this time around I made sure not to miss it. Griffith Park is the largest park in L.A. and the eleventh largest urban park in the United States. In addition to the Observatory and its planetarium, there are golf courses, athletic fields, hiking trails and the Greek Theater, a concert space.

After checking out the Los Feliz neighborhood and thinking about a past glorious brunch here and about a crazy night of seeing Marty & Elayne at the Dresden (Swingers reference), Big Mitts and I took a short drive through the park's winding roads and came to the observatory at the perfect time: sunset!

Can you see Big Mitts? It was either get her in the pic or the observatory. I chose the latter. Darn, camera!

A close-up of the observatory

Can you see something a little different about me in this pic? If you pick up on it, I will be very impressed.

From such a high point in the area, the observatory's position really provides awesome views of the city. I'm not used to seeing L.A. from above.

To the west with a view to the ocean.

When I turned around, I looked right into this! I still haven't been to the sign. Apparently, you can get up close.

Downtown Los Angeles

If you're interested in taking in more than just pretty views of the city, be sure to go inside and learn about the stars and the solar system. The planetarium there has a few educational programs that run throughout the day as well as exhibits.

What a gorgeous ceiling!

A Tesla ball that emits electricity. Big Mitts and I learned more than we could have ever imagined about Tesla from one of the scientists there. Apparently, Tesla wanted to light the entire US with free electricity. I'll take no electric bill, thank you!

I forget what this cool looking thing does. Does anyone know? I think it has to do with planetary or lunar movements.

Close up of above

There are telescopes here, except I don't think any of them were open to the public when we were there.

The Griffith Park Observatory area is a beautiful, free and educational way to experience Los Angeles. Make a stop there on your next trip.

Thanks, Griffith J. Griffith! (yes, that REALLY is the founder's name!)


Micah and Catherine said...

I've always wanted to visit the Griffith Park Observatory. it looks so pretty and the views are amazing.

Oh, are you wearing makeup? Is that the little thing different?

erin said...

I guess makeup too!


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