Thursday, February 10, 2011

L.A. Revisited/Adopt a Block - Indulging My Sweet Tooth in Beverly Hills

Aahh, Beverly Hills. It makes me think of some of my favorite past Beverly Hills residents.

Come on. I had to. :)

Let's take the Adopt a Block feature nationwide!

I didn't expect to get a sugar rush during a quick trip to Beverly Hills, but when roaming around for parking spots (something that I usually don't get to experience), I spotted the Paulette Macaron shop. I know macarons have been pretty popular in the past few years whether as a wedding dessert or as a way to fulfill a craving for something sweet, fancy and French; but I have to admit that I missed the boat on this food trend. This visit changed that.

Nice shop, right?

I love how colorful the macarons are.

A tower of macarons?

Big Mitss and I ended up getting a pack of 12 with a variety of different flavors. I am now a convert to macarons! My personal favorites? Pistachio (I believe that was a special that day), Caramel, and Coconut. I find I don't like the fruity flavors as much (that means the Passion Fruit), and I'm not sure that chocolate macarons are all that great either. I will have to try some more here in NYC soon.

Big Mitts pointed out the Famous Cupcakes shop practically across the street from Paulette Macarons. Can I admit to you that I was weary of this place? Another cupcake place? They're "famous"? Riiiiiiight. Yet after tasting these cupcakes, I have seen the light. Dude, when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. Don't judge food by its storefront.

First of all, this place is kinda spiffy....

Also imagine my surprise that I like something that the Kardashians like too.

There were so many to choose from: Cookies 'n Cream (chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse topped with Oreo buttercream frosting), Chocolicious (milk chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting) and the 24 Karat (carrot cake with walnuts crowned with cinnamon cream cheese frosting).

We ended eating one of the specials for the day, Mocha Latte.

From what I could tell, it was chocolate cake with a coffee-like frosting with a fabulous coffee-chocolate ganache center.

I know I'm showing you half eaten food, but I can't resist this cupcake.

If I can say anything about these cupcakes, it's that they tasted homemade like someone just baked them at home and decided to sell them in the store. Really! I couldn't believe how fresh it tasted. The coffee-chocolate flavor really did taste like a mocha from your favorite coffee shop. We also had a Chocolicious that we ate more than a day later and that tasted good albeit like a cupcake I would normally get with the cake not as forgiving. I think buying from the store must be the way to go.

So, yes I found all of this sweetness in one block of Beverly Hills (specifically, the corner of Charleville Boulevard & South Beverly Drive). I'm still thinking about that cupcake.....

Paulette Macaron
9466 Charleville Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Famous Cupcakes
168 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90212


Nellie said...

now this is a trip that I can get behind! Nice call on the no assumptions about food. It's all about the taste baby!

lavenderpug said...

i'm a fan of pistachio and caramel anything, so i'm with you on those macarons! and goodness those cupcakes look heavenly...

Kelsey said...

That looks like the best sweet tooth fulfillment I've ever seen. Yum!!

Tiffany said...

Yay! Macaron convert! I would KILL for one of those macaron trees! Cute and yummy!

erin said...

I love Paulette Macaron. Paulette is my mom's name. I shipped her a box of the macaron's and she thought I'd had it made special for her ;)

Kate said...

Oh this just killed my desire to not eat sugar today. I love it, it all looks TOO GOOD!

Layla said...

Oh, man. Even half eaten, that cupcake looks SO good.


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