Monday, May 9, 2011

Apparently I'm Part of the Sights, Too.

There's a story behind this picture, and I'll eventually write about it. I'm still processing some of my experiences in Turkey, but I thought I would share this picture since it kind of captures some of my "admirers". In this case, it's partly funny....I guess. They were sweet teenage boys though. I think they were from somewhere in Eastern Turkey. I hope they enjoyed "seeing" me (or not seeing me depending on how you want to think about it) and seeing the Library at Celsus in Ephesus.

Check out my expression. Uh...

More on Ephesus and this experience soon.


lavenderpug said...

oh boy, i gotta hear this. that's crazy that they wanted to take a *picture* with you! but at least they were sweet boys.

Nellie said...

uh oh... my brain is going to some dark places here.

Anonymous said...

it's worst in mainland china. You would be an attraction. I tell my best friend that if she needed to make some extra cash, all she would have to do was take her boyfriend to mainland china and start charging people for wanting to take a picture with him.


Ekua said...

I must say that this actually looks pretty mellow! If you ever visit points of attraction in India, people will swarm around you so quickly that you may not even have time to get your own shot of the occasion! And these boys do look nice and genuinely excited to see a black woman :P


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