Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Newport, Rhode Island's Cliff Walk

Right after getting back from Antigua, I essentially turned around and proceeded north to Newport, Rhode Island. I've been to and written about Rhode Island specifically Newport before, but there are still some places that I've never even visited. One of the most picturesque things to do and see in Newport is The Cliff Walk.

The Cliff Walk is essentially a public walking path hugging Newport's coast. It begins at Memorial Boulevard.

To enter the Cliff Walk, proceed down Memorial Boulevard and enter right next to the Chanler Hotel. We didn't go into the hotel, but I so want to.

The beginning of the Cliff Walk right behind the Chanler Hotel

Before you even get very far the Cliff Walk provides great views.
Me at the portion of the Cliff Walk overlooking Easton's Beach aka First Beach

Parts of the walkway can get fairly narrow. Either way, I recommend that you wear sneakers at the very least (maybe even some walking shoes). While the Cliff Walk is paved, there are some places where the pavement is uneven.

If I spent any time in Newport regularly, I would probably walk the Cliff Walk everyday just for views like these.

We stumbled onto this very pretty gazebo on the right.

If you're an architecture buff, you'll definitely like that the Cliff Walk passes by beautiful private and historical homes.

This is someone's summer house. Nice....

I've written about Newport's mansions before, and you can get a great view of their expansive backyards. Here's The Breakers.

We didn't walk the entire 3.5 mile walk (I was wearing flip flops), but I want to next time.

Where are some of your favorite walking paths or trails?


Lauren said...

Being able to see those types of views would prompt me to walk more!

lavenderpug said...

i really want to do this, having seeing this awesome pictures!

Eventful Life and Style said...

So beautiful!! Hoping to go to Newport in the next few months!!

Geek in Heels said...

I had a coworker who, despite living in NYC, would go back to her hometown of Newport EVERY weekend and always return with the best stories and photos. It's been years and years (more than a decade!) since I've been to Newport, so thanks for reminding me that I need to get my butt up there again in the near future!

Oneika said...

There were a few paths in Hong Kong I loved, including one called the Dragon's Back Hike! Love you hair in the photos.

Mae said...

That is beautiful...I love to be near water AND I love to look at architecture...I may have to take a trip to Newport!

I like walking through the French Quarter in New Orleans and along the coast in the Barra neighborhood of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. The former has great architecture and quaint shops, and the latter has spectacular bay and ocean views!!

Oh, and I second Oneika's comment about your hair...I often fashion my mini-twists after the beautiful styles that locked sisters wear!!!

Try Anything Once Terri said...

@ Evenftul Life and Style - Wonderful! I think Newport is lots of fun. It will be even nicer in the off season.

@Geek In Heels - She went EVERY weekend? Wow! It's actually fairly close but it's still somewhat of a hike. You should definitely go when you have a chance. It's a nice low-key weekend.

@Oneika & Mae - Thanks for hair compliments.

@Mae - Salvador has some great views. ITA with the French Quarter. I feel transported when I walk there.

Erin said...

Oh, reminds me of my 1 year anniversary celebrated in Newport!


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