Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Return to Wadadli - Shirley Heights

I love beautiful views and scenic lookouts. One of the most popular places to see spectacular views in Antigua is Shirley Heights.

While Antigua is pretty and all, the British colonists weren't necessarily interested in the beach. They wanted to stake out their land claims in the Caribbean, produce sugar and generally saw the West Indies as a money-making enterprise. Well, at least Antigua anyway. The result is that Antigua has not only old sugar mills throughout the island but also old military installations at strategic high points.

The Guard House at Shirley Heights served as a lookout point where soldiers maintained island defenses and kept watch.

Now, people primarily go to Shirley Heights to see the views and to party. One of the hottest weekly parties on the island is here on Sunday nights. There is a ridiculously good live band (at least it was good the time I went a few years ago), and there is a restaurant serving food and drinks (a cash bar as well), if you want to make an evening out of it.

The band sets up here.

Tip: Many tour buses from hotels and cruises come on Sunday night before the sun goes down to see the views at sunset. My rec is to avoid the crowds by coming on a separate day to explore the grounds and see the sunset. Go on Sunday night after sunset to avoid the masses and have more room to dance.

I wouldn't blame anyone, though, for wanting to come up here and sit awhile.

English Harbour

I'm glad Husband J finally got to see Shirley Heights during the day.

Cousin C, who you'll see in an upcoming post or two, showed us another portion of the Shirley Heights lookout area. I didn't take the pic of this house below for nothing. It's Eric Clapton's house. He's a big fan of Antigua and has spent a lot of time there. He built his home from local rock so that he would not have to import a lot of building materials. Smart guy! He also established a rehab center on the island called Crossroads Centre. Someone you know may have gone there.

Nice house, Eric!

More military installations.
This structure has got to be over 200 years old.

More pretty views.

Are there any pretty spots to see gorgeous views that have been particularly memorable for you?


Oneika said...

Chile and Iceland!
You are making me long to go to Jamaica. My dad lives there!

Daphne said...

The Tuscany region of Italy. My BFF and I went to celebrate our 30th birthday a few years ago, and what a way to do it! We booked a private tour, and between the gorgeous vistas of Florence (with the Duomo) in the background and the rolling hills of the wine country, it was a visual feast! So lovely.


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