Monday, October 17, 2011

The Trip

Recently, I think I may have seen one of the more interesting road trip movies out in a long time. The Trip stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, two English comedians and actors, as fictionalized versions of themselves. They set out on a week-long drive around northern England stopping off at some of the region's best high-end restaurants while trying desperately not to annoy each other to death. It's not a documentary, but there was definitely improvisation involved in the acting, which adds to the zany quality of the dialogue. Actually The Trip was a six episode series that aired on the BBC last year that was eventually chopped up and turned into this movie. I had been meaning to see it while it was in the theater this summer (I totally procrastinated!), so I was surprised to see it already available on DVD and Netflix streaming.

I am a not-s0-secret Anglophile, so between the impressions, slightly dorky style of Brit humor, expansive northern English countryside and peek into some of the best kitchens and restaurants in England, I was in travel foodie heaven. Other than London, I haven't been to any other parts of England, and the scenery explored through the film made me ready to rent a car with Husband J and set out for the Yorkshire Dales myself. I can say that The Trip should be an integral part of the UK Tourist Board's campaign to get more people to travel outside of London. I was so into the landscapes and food that I took notes on the places they visited, but you guys know I'm a little dorky like that.

Here's the trailer:

Okay, so caveats:

-It may be a little slow at points, but just stick with it.
-You might get sick of the impressions at some point. Again, stick with it.
-You might not like Steve Coogan during parts of it. He redeems himself.

Have you been to Northern England? Where would you go for your ultimate foodie road trip?

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Oneika said...

Make sure to call me when you get over here so that I can join you. :-)

I've never been a fan of British humour, mind you. I guess a lot of it goes over my head?


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