Friday, November 18, 2011

Fantasy Travel Friday - Luxury in Chiang Mai

I want to go back to Southeast Asia. Bali wasn't enough. Who knows when I'll get back there, but I think about it. Perhaps when I do go back, I can splurge on some luxurious accomodations. Yes, another hotel for Fantasy Travel Friday. :)

The Mandarin Oriental hotel chain is known for luxury, and they didn't spare any expense when creating the Dhara Devi hotel in Thailand's northern city of Chaing Mai. Many people go to Thailand for its southern beaches, but I've heard that you go to the north to really experience its culture.

If anything this hotel is a beautiful mix of traditional Thai architecture with modern comfort.

After seeing these grounds, I was wondering if they want you to leave. Would you want to leave this? I'm not sure I would.

I know that I'd be thinking about sleeping somewhere opulent...

but I would end up wanting to rest somewhere more calming and simple.

This sitting room makes me think of tea and sitting up straight (don't ask).

The weather is getting cold here in New York City, so I am already thinking about next summer and pools. Lots of pool pics coming up.

A pool in my room? Thank you very much.

Forget about this being a hotel. Can I just live here?

Has anyone been to Thailand, specifically Chiang Mai? What's it like? Do these pictures bring back memories?

Happy Weekend!


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I have a missionary friend in Thailand and I think when I visit I'll stay here instead of his hut. LOL. That will really tick him off. These pictures are gorgeous!

BigAppleNosh said...

Looks gorgeous! I've heard wonderful things about Chang Mai - I hope I have the opportunity to visit!


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