Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bali High - The Ebb & Flow of Seminyak Beach

Hey, all!

I'm having some major computer problems lately, and I'll also be going away soon for the next several days (Viva Grand Canyon/Arizona!), so posting will be light. I should be tweeting quite a bit though (are there cell phone signals in the Grand Canyon?), but I thought I would leave you with some images from Seminyak beach in Bali.

Unlike some places, the beaches in Bali are public for the most part. Even in our pretty darn nice resort, we got to see all manner of people doing everything from swimming and playing to praying and selling.

Here's a sense of what we saw each day on Seminyak Beach.

Leisurely horseback rides on the beach. I hope the horses are treated humanely. They did seem to be chilling out.

Can you see the rainbow in this picture? Lots of early morning rain would eventually clear to perfect skies. One morning we got a rainbow.

A newly married couple taking pictures on the beach. They actually got married at our hotel.

One of my favorite pictures that I took the entire trip. The temple next to our hotel was having a three day festival. We could hear drumming and chanting from our room (luckily not too late into the night). I'm the type of person who likes hearing and seeing things that remind me that I am somewhere different experiencing someone else's culture.

I sometimes got uncomfortable taking pictures of people praying. I'm not sure how I would feel about it myself. My camera's zoom lens is pretty great. I find the beach calming and a deeply spiritual place. I can see why these worshippers chose to come here.

A perfect sunset

I'll post soon when I get back (maybe prior to my trip), or when I get a new computer. Whichever comes first!

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