Friday, September 10, 2010

Beach or Desert?

So if you had the chance, where would you go? To the beach or to the desert?

A friend recently asked me some questions about Antigua, my beautiful island homeland :) While doing a quick search for her, I noticed that this fall, before Christmas, you can totally find some deals. I found a great sale at a very small hotel (just the way I like it) for a nice price (Check it out!). Alas, we are supposedly going here in a few weeks:

Yep, the Grand Canyon!

I know that I haven't talked about it much, but that's because I've barely thought about it. Perhaps this is my bias against domestic travel (or maybe it's 'cause I'm not outdoorsy), but I have to remind myself that I am going there in a few weeks. I think it's also extra hard to get excited because Husband J's job has been pretty busy lately, which is kinda hysterical because the main reason he even thought that we should go out there was to merge our trip with a WORK conference he has in the Phoenix area. He may not even be able to go to the conference, and the trip may not even happen!

Anyhoo, researching Antigua made me miss the island and my family. I have not been back in a few years and that makes me sad. I think I piqued Husband J's interest though with the prices we'd get for accommodations (although the flights are not too hot. Boo!!). Wouldn't you want to be here for Thanksgiving?

My cousin, who lived in the US for awhile and moved back to Antigua, makes Thanksgiving dinner now anyway. He even watches the Thanksgiving Day Parade! It would be like being here in NYC (except way better weather, accents and fruit). :) Maybe I'm thinking this way because I should technically be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I'm scared that I've never made a turkey. Maybe I'm punkin' out?

I doubt we'll cancel the Grand Canyon trip and go to Antigua instead. Why can't we just do both? Why can't I be independently wealthy? Sigh.... (By the way, feel free to give me the side eye for any of this "complaining.")

Anyway, I know that not everyone likes the beach, and I do know that I have got some readers who are avid campers. Would you prefer a long weekend in the Caribbean on a beach or a long weekend seeing one of the greatest natural wonders in the world?

Weigh in in the comments section!


Megan @ Notes from the Bench said...

Well seeing as how we just got back from a week in Antigua, I guess you can say I chose Antigua! :D I'm a bad bee and didn't talk to you about it before hand (although we got hit by hurricane Earl so we didn't really leave our hotel area much anyway), but I l.o.v.e.d. Antigua. Amazing, beautiful place! Although I also really appreciate the natural wonders, and I've been to the Grand Canyon twice. I promise, it's awe inspiring!

Katie said...

Well...perhaps it is because the hubs and I live in Florida, but we would always choose the beach! I am intrigued by camping, but the beach is just so much more my style!

Coasting Anon said...

Any chance you want to email me a link to those great deals on places to stay? We're looking for an island retreat to escape to in the next couple of months and there are so many options I don't even know where to start!

Otherpiecesofme at gmail dot com

BWB said...

I find myself mostly in beach vacations (including Antigua last year for New Year's!) which I LOVE. But I've also done the great National Parks out west. And the few times I've been out there, I'm just amazed at the beauty. It's bigger than life! You'll have a great, good ol' American time :)

M and C said...

Everyday I ask my husband when he's going to win the lottery. I've never been a HUGE beach vacation kind of person. I like them and I love the ocean, but I can't sit on the beach for more than a day or two. Ideally, I'd like a beach near some cultral or natural sights. Enjoy the Grand Canyon!

oohlalawedding said...

It depends on my mood, but it would more than likely be the beach:) That's a great deal on Antigua, BTW. The fiance and I were all over the place with choosing our honeymoon spot. We love to travel and have been fortunate enough to have traveled to several countries together, so we weren't putting too much pressure on ourselves for the HM. We eventually decided to go to Anguilla. We've never been and are super excited to go!

BigAppleNosh said...

Goodness, that Antigua photo is amazing! I refuse to choose one over the other - my answer is: both! (A girl can dream, right?) :)

Sugar said...

The Hubs grew up in the desert and hated it. The beach for me all the way. For him, the mountains. That's why we went on an Adventure Honeymoon and did the beach and the mountains. Have fun at the Grand Canyon- waking up to see the sunset over the GC is worth it!


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