Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bali High - Upscale Dining in Seminyak at Sarong

Despite the fact that I did want to experience dining as the locals do, Bali does have a great upscale dining scene especially in Seminyak. Of the two upscale places where we ate (We also ate at Metis also in Seminyak), I think that Husband J and I liked Sarong the best. Sarong serves up high-end versions of various South and Southeast Asian dishes (emphasis on adaptations of street food) in an open air luxurious setting. Think lots of pretty women in high heels as your servers with some pulsating House music in the background on low volume. If that doesn't scream, "We're trying to be high end," I don't know what does.

As with many high end places in the main beach areas of Bali, there are security guards who approach your car when you drive up to the restaurant. Even though the most recent terrorist bombings happened five years ago (I'll talk about safety in another post), safety precautions are still a part of the experience in many restaurants and hotels catering to the high end market in Bali.

The entrance to Sarong

In addition to the pulsating music (it wasn't bad actually), Sarong's decor included Asian influences. If you like to eat in pretty places, definitely come here. There's a mix of modern and Asian-inspired decor all over the restaurant.

But forget about decor. We did come here to eat! I'm still new to Southeast Asian flavors, and I am sure some people can argue about the authenticity of our meal, but I will say that Sarong gets one thing right: SPICE!! Chile, please! Everything was more than enough kick for even me, a big time lover of things hot and spicy. I likes me some spice, but I think our meal might have actually had too much. Either that or I am not ready for Southeast Asian cooking as I think I am. It also could have been what we ordered (see below!).

Husband J trying to deal with his burning lips from all of the spice by using a cocktail glass as a cold compress. :)

Anyway, here's some of what we ate:

Salt and pepper squid

Peking duck rolls

Malayasian fish curry (fish head and all..LOVE IT!)

When not thinking about how spicy everything was, I really liked all of the flavors and seasonings of the dishes we tried. Everything was extremely fresh. The curry was thick, savory and probably the most authentic curry that I have probably ever had. Sarong's service was quick, attentive and most of all friendly. Part of me wished I had more stomach room to try more of the dishes there as everything on the menu sounded fabulous.

If you are ever in Seminyak, go to Sarong for an upscale, lively dinner!


BigAppleNosh said...

Looks delish (and seems like it should belong in the meatpacking district of NYC!)

lavenderpug said...

dude, the food in seminyak looks so good! much better than what was available in jimbaran bay. i'm not going to tell kevin about this because he's going to be bitter.

BWB said...

Yummy! I love spice. But I'd probably have to do the same as your husband. Love it but can't handle it very well. That curry looks amazing.

kkbelle said...

Salt and Pepper squid - one of my all-time favourites. Here in NZ the Sichuan restaurants do a chili-ful breed of this amazing dish!


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