Monday, January 10, 2011

Back Trackin', Ireland Edition - The Cliffs of Moher

What is there really to say about the Cliffs of Moher other than it is one of the most frequently visited sites in all of Ireland and a beautiful one at that. Located in County Clare near the town of Doolin and in the geologically fascinating area called The Burren, the cliffs are just another aspect of Ireland's striking landscape. Ireland is truly a beautiful, lush country in its own special way, and I'm glad that Husband J and I got to this part of its western coast.

At their highest point, the Cliffs rise to over 700 feet (over 200 meters). I really could just sit here for a few hours with a book (and maybe a glass of wine). Check out these views:

I tried to get a close-up of the cliffs, but this is the best I could do with my old point and shoot.

There aren't just cliffs to look at. Like many parts of Ireland, there is always a castle structure around somewhere. O'Brien Tower was actually built in 1835 for tourists who would come to see the cliffs. People loved the cliffs even then! There is actually a viewing tower at the top, but we chose not to go up. Honestly, the view was great right where we were. If you do go there, know that there is a small fee to get to the top.

By the way, people crack me up. Check out this sign:

Apparently, it doesn't apply to everyone.

Don't mind me. My lawyer tendencies make me think everyone is supposed to follow rules and signs. :)

Do you tend to incorporate nature sights during your trips?


D. Marie said...

Amazingly beautiful. I love where you travel to and I love that you travel together and found someone who loves to travel. OK Im talking too much! LOL! Amazing photos!

lavenderpug said...

gorgeous! i've heard so many nice things about the irish countrysidem and these pictures definitely make me want to go!

lobster said...

So so so pretty! I've always wanted to check out Ireland. Thanks for sharing!

BigAppleNosh said...

Wow, looks straight out of a movie!

Micah and Catherine said...

STUNNING. And yes, we always try to a little nature during our trips.


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