Monday, January 3, 2011

In My Hood/Adopt a Block - South Elliot Place & Lafayette Avenue

Oh my! I haven't done an "Adopt a Block" post in awhile, so here it goes:

Today, I thought I would focus on two restaurants on the corner of Lafayette Avenue and South Elliot Place in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Again, I remember when these two restaurants weren't even there, and the food pickins' in the neighborhood were slim. How times have changed!

67 Burger and The Smoke Joint are situated diagonally from each other and a part of a little community of restaurants that dot the criss-crossing of Lafayette Avenue and Fulton Street.

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I go to Smoke Joint when I don't really care if I am about to eat a full day's worth of calories in one sitting 'cause when BBQ tastes good, it's just good. I am always reading that many people think BBQ in New York is bad and just not up to par with what you can find in the South. Look, I just go with what my taste buds tell me. If the tastebuds like, then I don't care if the food doesn't compare to what you can find elsewhere. Shouldn't enjoying food just be free of judgment sometimes? My answer is "Yes!" Before I started eating meat somewhat regularly again, Smoke Joint was my meat guilty pleasure.

At Smoke Joint, I prefer their version of spare ribs. They tend to be bigger and have more meat on the bone. Go big or go home (or better yet stay home).

Husband J chose the baby back ribs, which are much smaller and leaner. If you want to be dainty, try these. I don't go to Smoke Joint to be dainty. Word.

The sides are lovely too. I tend to make sure I fit a veggie in by getting their collards which are not overcooked and have a smoky flavor to them. Also two words: Macaroni and cheese. Smoke Joint's version isn't bland, and the cheese has a salty sharpness to it. Yum...

I tend to wash all of this down with beer. It's BBQ. It's not time to be cute.

I didn't drink both of the these. The other is for Husband J. :)

If you get a chance to go to Blue Smoke, I tend to like going when it's warm. They open up the windows so that part of the restaurant is open air. You get views like this:

This large building is the Williamsburg Savings Bank Building, and it's the tallest building in Brooklyn. It was recently turned into condos (a very first decade of the 21st century thing to do in Brooklyn) and the ground floor event area, Skylight One Hanson, currently serves as the spot for the Brooklyn Flea during the winter. When I see this building, my heart warms because I know I am home or at least close by.

Right across the street from Smoke Joint, is 67 Burger. It offers everything from basic burgers to its own specialty burger creations, which can be made with turkey, veggie or regular old beef. One of my favorites has been the 67 Burger combining blue cheese and bacon. You can also build your own with toppings such as a crisp artichokes, cajun spice and avocados. There are no limits here. They serve beer and wine as well in case you don't want sodas or milkshakes. They also sell salad, but really why? It's a burger place. :)

This time around, I had The Southwestern burger: Chipotle mayo, Jack cheese, roasted peppers and scallions.

Can I say that 67 Burger's fries are fabulous, BUT the ones I got during this last trip were waaay too salty. This is coming from the woman who eats salt and pepper by themselves. Hello!

I also enjoy 67 Burger during the warmer months because you can eat outside. What I hate most about the winter is being cooped up, if you haven't figured that out already.

67' Burger's outdoor eating area. If you look closely you can see The Smoke Joint. :)

I do love this little corner of Fort Greene and the funny thing is that there are actually a couple of other places right on that corner worth a look, Mullane's being my favorite for decent bar food, beer and watching sports. I love this corner of Fort Greene!

I also know this is the New Year and many of you are focused on healthier eating after the holidays (including me), so I hope you don't mind that I wrote about BBQ and burgers. :)

Smoke Joint
87 South Elliot Place
Brooklyn, NY

67 Burger
67 Lafayette Avenue (at Fulton Street)
Brooklyn, NY


nellie said...

Those ribs are making me hungry! We're always on the search for good BBQ in NYC... so we'll definitely hit up Smoke Joint!

Cathleya said...

Mmm I remember seeing these places when I visited you last! The presentation for the ribs and sides is really nice...I like it better when they don't slop it all on one plate :) It's hard for me to imagine "too salty" fries (salt addict here) but if you say you eat s+p on its own, I trust you!!! :)

lavenderpug said...

somebody has been eating veeerrry well--these places sound great!

lobster said...

your photos make me miss summer and nice weather. those sides and ribs look so good and the pork slap can makes me LOL. pork slap!

Katie said...

Mmm both of these places sound delish, and I don't even eat red meat!!! Mmmmm

mintedlife said...

I'm from the south and that mac and cheese and collard greens look delicious!

BigAppleNosh said...

I want a huge bowl of that mac and cheese!! And some ribs :D

D. Marie said...

Ok now I want spare ribs and an amazing burger!! I love that you can see Smoke Joint from the 67 Burger photo! What a great place to live! <3


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