Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tourist in My Own Town - Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Having lived in Brooklyn once before, it amazed even me that previously I hadn't taken the time to experience one of its most recognizable monuments: the Brooklyn Bridge. Yup, an almost lifetime New Yorker had never walked across. One Saturday afternoon, Husband J and I got off our tushes, put on some comfortable walking shoes and set off.

Personally, I think if you are going to walk the bridge, definitely try to do so from Brooklyn to Manhattan. While I love my borough, I think the walk towards Manhattan is quite scenic. Definitely check out the DUMBO neighborhood and Brooklyn Bridge Park before entering the pedestrian walkway to the bridge near the corner of Washington Street and Prospect Street in DUMBO. There is also a bike lane on the bridge, if you want to get some exercise. Other than that, you'll just have to hitch a ride in a taxi to experience the bridge.

Actually for another pretty cheap and equally scenic vantage point of the bridge itself, I would take the subway. Yep! The N & Q subway lines both cross the neighboring Manhattan Bridge and actually give you a clear view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It's definitely worth $2.25 and the trip between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Many people had the same idea of crossing the bridge that afternoon.

If you're a fan of architecture, the bridge's design is really worth examining. It's still beautiful even after 125 years.

The bridge's easily famous arches

I find the suspension cables to be their own form of artwork.
Recognize someone?

This view from the bridge was taken a few years ago. This area is now Brooklyn Bridge Park, which I think is a big improvement over the unused pier. I wrote about my day there several months ago.

What's the main reason to cross the Brooklyn Bridge? The views!

Make sure to make it across the Brooklyn Bridge for a FREE and fun way to view the New York City skyline.


Cathleya said...

I need to walk the Brooklyn Bridge again...last time I did it I was stressed out about work so badly I didn't enjoy it! I love doing touristy things in my hometown...it's surprising how much fun they are (and I almost feel silly that I haven't done a lot of the "regular" things that people do when they come to SF!).

lobster said...

Walking the bridge is one of my favorite NYC activities! Of course, I haven't yet made it all the way across to brooklyn but I want to visit the park.

lavenderpug said...

love, love, love this walk. such a gorgeous bridge. great suggestion!

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Sometimes taking a tourist point of view makes you revisit a town you live in. Great suggestion.


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