Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Passing Through....

My attempt at being organized about blogging should not be lagging so early in the year, yet that has been the case for me this week.

I usually have and currently do have a list of proposed posts to be written, but many of these posts actually require thought and time. (What a concept?!) Plus, a travel blog that I admire asked for a guest post, which is quite exciting (actually I have several of those). I actually think I have so much that I am interested in expressing and writing about this year that it is maybe a little overwhelming. When I am overwhelmed, I procrastinate a little (or maybe a lot?). I also think all of this hard core cold weather is starting to affect me. Seasonal Affective Disorder, maybe?

Bloggers, how do you stay organized and motivated? What are your plans for keeping on track this year, if any?

I will say this. I'm not fretting, and I'm totally at peace with myself for having an "off " blogging week. Plus, it helps to have signs like these around:

Cupcake? Sounds like a plan to me! Happy Hump Day!

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Tiffany said...

Saw this @ Barnes & Noble the other day! I just might go back and buy the cute little notebook!


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