Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Touring Turkey - Goodbye to Cappadocia!

Here's a quick video to commemorate our final moments in Cappadocia. The very funny guy is our guide, Ibrahim. I mentioned him before. I was too sad to say goodbye to Cappadocia, after we'd seen so many awe-inspiring things.

This video was shot at the top of Uchisar Rock Castle, which was one of our last stops. As soon as I saw that our hotel was close by, I made a mental note to climb to the top. It's a long way up, but the view was worth it. Uchisar means highest point, and the view from the castle is one of the best in Cappadocia.

Uchisar Rock Castle

Goodbye to Cappadocia from TAOTerri on Vimeo.

Next stop in Turkey? Ephesus.

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