Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Urban Golfer/Brooklyn's Marine Park Golf Course

I don't know how it happened, but Husband J has become obsessed with golf. Somehow Husband J decided he liked it a few years completely out of the blue. No warning. If you know people who are even remotely into golf, you know two things: (1) they are obssessed with getting as much golf gear as possible, and (2) they are obsessed with geting better at playing golf.

I have no problem with that, but it seems that it's a little tough for Husband J. Golf is an inconvenient sport to take up when you live in one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, and you don't have a car. Getting to Manhattan from our place? Easy! Getting to a golf course? Not so much...

View of the water from Brooklyn's Marine Park Golf Course

Actually I think many people would be surprised to learn that there are 13 golf courses within the borders of New York City. Yes, there are that many spread across four out of the five New York City boroughs. Manhattanites don't usually lack for anything, but they have to travel out to the other areas of the city to golf. Even though we have a couple of courses in Brooklyn, it requires lugging your gear to the outer edges of the borough on the subway and bus, or renting a car from Zip Car, an hourly car rental service available here and in other major U.S. cities. It also helps to have friends with cars (we only have two and none of them golf).

More of the Marine Park Golf Course

Unfortunately, I get to hear Husband J talk about how it would be great to have a car, which for our purposes would be a major luxury. Suburbanites/rural dwellers, in my opinion, golf was created for you. Whether that's a good or bad thing is a whole other topic. Either way, Husband J soldiers on because he wants to get better at this game that seems to be very hard to play well.

I wasn't and am not interested in becoming a golf widow every weekend, and Husband J hates how long golf separate us (He works long hours during the week, so weekend "us" time is at a premium). We actually decided to go out together for a full round of golf. I pretty much can't golf (I barely hit the ball), but I've never experienced being out on a course. We decided to smuggle me on so that I could experience what a round of golf was like.

I have no idea how Husband J has acquired all of this golf stuff. I carried a practically empty bag to look the part.

We got there early, so we practiced a little putting.

It was time to get on the course, and Husband J was kind enough to get us a golf cart. I was NOT lugging that golf bag. Good job, dear.

Marine Park is no Pebble Beach, but I guess it's fine for a golf course.

What did I learn about my golf experience?

1. It takes way too long. It was a busy day on the course. Nine holes took about three hours, and I was barely playing. I left after the first nine. I was bored, since I wasn't playing very much. You've got to really love something to do it all day like that.

2. There are too many rules. No getting excited (I get excited. It's a sport!), i.e. no excessive celebration? Let's just say I perfected my golf clap. You can't go here or there or do this or that. I know this is a game about decorum, but I thought the rules for darn near everything were a pain.

3. It's hard to learn on the course. You can't take too long, and you're often paired with other people who might not be very patient (or nice).

At least I got a new pair of shorts. :)

Any major golf enthusiasts out there? How do you make sure to fit in your hobby?


melinda said...

We golf together and lessons were a huge help to me! In a male dominated industry, I felt it would only help me to know how to golf. I think you're right though, it's much more convenient in the suburbs to golf. I also think it's more laid back, there are lots of casual players and you don't feel as much pressure on some of the local links. Good for you for trying and I love your shorts!

BigAppleNosh said...

"A" for effort! I haven't made it onto the golf course ever (besides putt-putt and the driving range) - but yeah I would not be able to follow the no excitement rule. I'm all about whooping and hollering at mini-golf! ;)

Oneika said...

Looking good! I've actually never played golf, but my boyfriend is a huge golf enthusiast.


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