Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Travel Challenge, Day 2 - Where I'd Like to Go Next

Where I'd like to go next?

That's super hard because I have a list..no really, I have a list I keep on my cell phone. I have one just for places I'd like to travel to at some point and one for a possible girl trip with my BFF, which we're still trying to figure out.

For me, I'd say it's still India. It was a year ago and still is on the top of my list now.

I've had a wonderful time reading about the adventures of some of my favorite travel bloggers' time in India, like Ekua from Girl, Unstoppable (Ekua's travel writing is phenomenal, and I wish this blog featured some great writing like hers more often). BFF has already been to India, and she's written about it here on the blog. One of my current favorite blogs is From India --With Love by K. She's currently volunteering in India for a year, and I am fascinated by her accounts of daily life in Delhi. Also her photography is pretty awesome. She makes me think I need to up my game and get a DSLR.

If I don't get to go to India, then eating my way through somewhere in South East Asia will suffice. :)

Of course Husband J and I have not really talked about where we'd like to go next. I think someone asked him where we'd make our next trip together, and he mumbled to someone about us heading to South America. I wonder where he has in mind?

Patagonia, Argentina?

Sipping wine in Atacama, one of Chile's major wine regions?

Who knows? I may not ever go to any of these places, but I admit that half of the fun is just dreaming about them.

Where would you like to go next?


The Epic Adventurer said...

I am about to start reading the Elephanta Suite, short stories about people traveling to India... hoping it turns out to be good! It has great reviews if you're looking for something to get you psyched up fo India.

For me, my next place has to be Cambodia (and Morocco, because I have a friend there for a limited time only!). I cut it from my Asia itinerary last year -- which I think was right, I had seen SO MANY TEMPLES that it got to the point where I felt I might be horrible and jaded about it. But not going has gotten me so excited to go -- just as soon as I get me a job with a salary and paid vacay! Some people buy TVs or shoes with their money... for me it always comes down to travel dreams...

lavenderpug said...

i'd like to go to vietnam or thailand. i know everyone's been there and done that, but dammit, there's still gotta be some pho and pad thai left for me! and i really want to go to bologna and emilia romagna--i heard the food is amazing. i must partake!

melinda said...

Ah! Both of those are on our list - I'm hoping to hit India up with some friends we made at J's graduate school - we'd love to have local tour guides while we're there! And we've planned on saving up for a 5 year anniversary trip to South America - still a few years away, but still excited about it!


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