Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Dinner - Chipotle Shrimp Tostada

A cooking post? From me? Well, I guess I should try to branch out just a little....

Sunday tends to be our big sit down meal in the TAO household, since Husband J's weekday hours can be a little unpredictable. 9.5 times out of 10 we're home on Sunday nights, and that's when I try new things in the kitchen. Since it's summer, I try to find recipes that are simple, emphasize what's in season, and don't require much time standing over a hot stove.

Chipotle Shrimp Tostada
A very hastily taken picture with my phone amidst bad background lighting.

Here's the recipe.

In some respects, this is probably not the most healthy main dish in the world. The tortilla is fried, and there is some sour cream involved (hangs head in shame). I'm wondering if it might be healthier with whole wheat tortillas. Do you think there was another way to make the tortillas extra crispy without frying them?

Also the amount of chipotle that this recipe calls for results in a pretty decent bite. You might want to reduce the amount, if you don't like very much spice.

I didn't forget the sides.

More phone pics! Left: asparagus/ right: corn

I served some asparagus and corn. For the asparagus I toss in olive oil with salt and pepper (I use the salt and pepper from my grinders because I like the crunchy specks of salt and pepper), and pop them under the broiler for about 10 minutes. I don't like them under there too long because they lose crunch. I'm not a fan of mushy, overcooked veggies. Corn is just boiled for a short time. I find that 10-12 minutes usually does the trick. If it's a good piece of corn, then it won't need butter or anything else.

That's it. I know I tend to be the "non-recipe post" kind of food blogger. I just thought I would mix things up a bit. If you liked this, please let me know in the comments section. Maybe I will write more about what I cook on Sunday evenings.

Happy Weekend!


lavenderpug said...

that looks delicious! and i love sour cream--forget the guilt.

Daphne said...

Hi Terri -
I've been enjoying your posts for a while, and love the blog! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

I'm totally trying this recipe. I love shrimp, so this looks delish.

Also, regarding whole wheat tortillas and making them crispy - maybe brush them with some olive or avocado oil and pop them in a toaster oven (or regular oven) for several minutes? It's a thought, and I may try it myself when I make this recipe. That might work for corn tortillas as well, instead of deep frying them. It'll probably take longer (maybe 5-10 minutes depending on the oven temperature), but may provide the crispiness without the added fat.

Try Anything Once Terri said...


That sounds like a good idea. I was thinking about baking them as an alternative. I definitely have to try this recipe again with some new techniques.

Nellie said...

Yummy. I've also heard that Greek yogurt makes a good and healthier substitute for sour cream.

mack reynolds said...

as a fan of shrimp (like huge fan of shrimp) and lover of avocado i think this looks awesome. i've never really had a tostado, b ut i'm assuming it's like pizza but no sauce. fried tortilla? yes please!


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