Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is...

The holiday season is here, and I have to admit that I have been having a hard time thinking about presents for other people, much less for myself. I really don't have any pressing desire for much of anything this holiday season other than good company and fun times. Is this the onset of my ever imminent "old lady syndrome"? Is Christmas only for kids? Pass me the Geritol.

I thought about a few things that a travelling foodie or food-loving traveler might like this year. This is mostly an unoriginal list of things I wouldn't mind in case someone (**COUGH** Husband J**) is reading. Most of this is way too expensive for just one Christmas, but it's fun to dream, right? Here it goes....

I have been wanting to read Lucky Peach magazine since its first issue came out earlier this year. David Chang of Momofoku fame, writer Peter Meehan, and Zero Point Zero Productions, which produces Anthony Bourdain's shows (he has written for both of Lucky Peach's issues thus far) have collaborated to produce this magazine. The magazine is about food culture, experiencing food, food and art and then some. It looks at food from a perspective that I like. As if I don't have a ton of magazines to read already....It's quarterly, which would help me read through it much more easily.

A LeCreuset French Oven for braising and stewing. I've heard these are fabulous, and they are definitely not cheap. :( I'm not sure if I want to be receiving kitchen and other household gifts from Husband J or really anyone else. At least not yet. :)

I like this color.

The Serious Eats Cookbook. I usually don't want or ask for cookbooks, but I think I might make an exception for this one. Serious Eats is one of my favorite food blogs because it's a good balance between the Eater and Cooker phenomenon I once wrote about. Their cookbook is no different. There is still the usual recipe fare, but there's also excellent food photography and sections about the best eating experiences across the U.S. Many of their recipes are simple, and they make you feel as if you've made something restaurant quality at home. This is definitely my kind of cookbook.

Some kind of luggage. I am due to get some new luggage. Old Betsy II, my 21 inch carry-on suitcase, who replaced Old Betsy I, is really ready to retire. There is this ugly big black blotch on her. I prefer soft-sided suitcases because they are more flexible and can squeeze into the overhead compartments more easily.
Maybe not orange for me, but at least you can see it in a sea of black suitcases.

Pimp my phone?

A glittery IPhone case

The 2014 World Cup will be here before you know it. It might be time for a return to Brazil. This time it would be nice to be able to understand Portuguese better (I speak better than I understand. Isn't that odd?). I've heard mixed things about Rosetta Stone, but it would be quite nice to have the practice, so that I could develop an ear for the language.

Aaahhh...A DSLR. I have been hemming and hawing over whether to get one for the past year. If there was really anything that I would want this year, it's a suped up camera. There will be a post about this. I know everyone has an opinion about the "DSLR vs. No DSLR question" and which type of camera to buy. I'm just warning you, in case you hate those types of posts. I probably would need to research this purchase, so I wouldn't even get it on Christmas.

Also other random things I'd possibly want:

-Fancy new workout clothes. I've heard nice things about Lulu Lemon, but some yoga pants for $98?! Really. As my mother would say : "But you can't even wear that to church." LOL! I hear they are worth the investment though.

-Amazon gift certificate to stock on up books for my Kindle like the Best Food Writing 2011 and Grant Achatz's Life on the Line biography.

-An easier 2012 :)

What about you? Are you having a hard time thinking of what you'd want for Christmas? What are you wishing for this year?


Erin said...

If you love to cook, you will love anything from Le Creuset! They are so versatile, wear/wash well, and they're just gorgeous. I was hesitant to get kitchen gifts too but they're a splurge so I don't mind. Plus, I asked for them - its not like husband just decided to give me an appliance.

Oneika said...

I'm STILL debating about whether or not to get a DSLR! It's such a major investment and will require soooo much research to find the right one- which is why I'm still hemming and hawing...

Rycrafty said...

I think I'm going to ask for donations towards a camera this Christmas, as it is too expensive to expect from one person in my family. I'm pretty sure I've picked which one I want, the Sony NEX 5N.

I have two pairs of Lululemon pants, and I LOVES them. My long pair is at least 7 years old and still great, the cropped pair are newer and also great. They're so comfy! They're my go-to day-off pants, as well as yoga pants.


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