Thursday, December 8, 2011

In My 'Hood - Littleneck

We don't have enough good restaurants specializing in seafood in this part of Brooklyn. When Littleneck in the Gowanus area opened a few months ago, I was happy to see that it filled a cuisine void.

Littleneck attempts to replicate a New England seafood shack, and I think they do a pretty good job, especially with the decor.

The bar

looks like a bait and tackle shop

They got the decor right, but did they get the food, right? I'd say the way, I forgot my camera that night so these are all IPhone pics in a dimly lit restaurant. :(

When we go to seafood restaurants, I let Husband J take the lead. After his years of growing up and visiting seafood restaurants throughout New England, I will say that he knows a thing or two about raw bar offerings. We kept it light, since we were still recovering from Thanksgiving dinner. We got two oysters from Rhode Island, two from Long Island, and two from Washington state. All fresh and all good. I love oysters!

Husband J has to order the chowder. A mark of a GOOD "New England-esque" seafood restaurant has to be its New England Clam Chowder. We both figured that we couldn't stomach a full bowl of chowder each, so we had the kitchen split the bowl for us. It was a good move that we even ordered it because this might have been one of the highlights of the whole meal.

New England Clam Chowder topped with dill

Usually I find chowders to be overly salty to the point where it really overpowers most other tastes. Yes, I know that seafood is inherently salty so that will affect the taste of the soup, but it didn't affect Littleneck's at all. As a fan of spice, I loved that Littleneck's chowder was spicy, if not perhaps a little too spicy (Well, not for me. Although a dash of salt would have balanced out the spice a bit more). It was such a breath of fresh air to have a chowder with bite. Also it wasn't unflatteringly goopy like some chowders can get. I loved it, and so did Husband J. The dill was a nice touch, too. I wonder if they will deliver this in the winter. :)

I think these are crab cakes with a basic slaw, if I remember correctly. Husband J had these. Good, not mind-blowing, which is fine.
A not-so great IPhone pic. Maybe I do need a DSLR? :)

I actually had one of Littleneck's signature dishes, its Clam Roll. WOW!
The Clam Roll = FABULOUS!

I really do think it has to be the great mix of the tartar sauce, lightly toasted (and spot on traditional) roll with the not overly breaded and lightly fried clams that really makes this dish work. Each element is totally on point here, but my hats off to the perfectly tangy tartar sauce. Husband J had never had a clam roll before (more chowder, fresh clams or clam cakes), and even his New England seafood snobbery was put aside for a few moments. It's not cheap for what you get on the plate, but usually neither are losbter rolls. We'll have to get Littleneck's lobster roll next time.

Finally, Husband J was transported back home by this:

Narragansett beer. You can take the boy of out Rhode Island, but you can't take Rhode Island out of the boy. **shoulder shrug**

This beer brings back memories for him, especially of unsupervised high school parties.

Thank you, Littleneck, for adding something new and needed in a neighborhood that I am sure will soon be a destination (there was no wait on a Saturday night (at least not yet)). Yay!!

288 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

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Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Clam roll looks interesting. I'm not a big seafood fan, but if I had to nibble on something I would try that. Never seen one before! :)


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