Friday, December 2, 2011

Fantasy Travel Friday - Crossing the Sahara

I wished I'd had the chance to go to the Sahara Desert. There is something very inviting and even romantic to me about it. Perhaps I've watched The English Patient too many times? If I get a chance to go back to North Africa, then I'm going to find a way to sleep in the desert underneath the stars.

Camel trekking trips for three to four nights are fairly common. You'll get a chance to ride on camels and explore the dunes. Maybe I'd go with Camel or Trekking in Morocco as guides. It would be a good excuse to get back to Morocco.

I hear they spit, but they are kinda cute. :) They probably smell though. :(

She looks like she's having fun.

Even if I wanted to camp, I'd try to make sure that it was really nice. I'm intrigued by the Sands Desert Camp.

Who says you've got to use an icky bathroom in the desert?

At the end of the trip, maybe I'd stay in the desert a few more days and somewhere a little more traditional like the suites at Dar Azawad Hotel.

Maybe I'd be in the mood for Auberge du Sud's more "colorful" accommodations. :)

I'm dreaming of dunes. How about you?

Happy Weekend!


Grace said...

Ooh! I have a new dream trip now: I want to ride those camels and stay in a luxury tent too.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Oh fun! I almost got to do this once, but we ran out of money and couldn't make it happen. SO CLOSE! Next time we visit Morocco we are ALL over it.

Best of Morocco said...

The moroccan desert is a sea of sand unforgettable !

Camel Ride in Morocco said...

12-day Morocco Camel Treks Tour: Our camel trekking tour will take you to the famous sights of Marrakesh and Casablanca before heading to the south of Morooco where you will visit Ait Benhaddou’s kasbah and Todra Gorge with overnight camel treks in the Sahara.


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