Monday, January 23, 2012

Back Trackin' - Central Dublin

Even though I've written about Ireland before, I don't really think I've written much about our time spent smack dab in the center of Dublin. I don't really know what I was expecting Dublin to be like. I thought it would feel similar to the hustle, bustle and grandness that is its neighbor, London. I'm sure the Irish hate being compared to the English, but that was my only point of comparison. Instead Dublin felt more like a large town, and I liked the large village feel.

We started our first morning by wandering around the center not too far from our hotel. We ended up at St. Patrick's Cathedral. We have a St. Patrick's Cathedral right here in New York City, so it was enjoyable seeing its Dublin namesake, which having been built in 1220, is a whole lot older than New York's.

That's me

The interior of the church, which is actually Anglican and not Catholic, is definitely worth exploring.

For those of you into history and literature, make sure to pass by the bust of Jonathan Swift. He was the Dean of St. Patrick's (meaning that he was the church's chief resident clergyman) and is most famously remembered for writing Gulliver's Travels (I haven't read it. Have you?).

We kept on wandering and finding lots of courtyards and castle-like buildings that I am forgetting in my old age.
Hmmm..don't remember where I was, and what I'm actually doing here. I'm guess I'm doing "The Price is Right" hand flourish. :)

At one point, we made it over to Trinity College, widely considered to be Ireland's most prestigious university.

Trinity College is open to the public to wander around, but I would take advantage of the student-led free tours.

The last portion of the tour takes you to the library, which is a sight in itself.
The exterior of the library

You're not really allowed to take pictures within the library due to its collection of old manuscripts. Make sure to take a look at the Book of Kells, one of the greatest examples of Medieval manuscripts of the New Testament Gospels and other important readings. It's beautiful.

At this point, I think it was time for a pint, which is why Husband J is smiling. :)
outside of the library

If you've been to Dublin, what was your favorite part of the city?


Grace said...

That is one of the most beautiful libraries I have ever seen. I want to move in!

Daphne said...

Nice! I love the Price is Right hand flourish, that picture is so cute!

I'm always amazed by the architecture and history of other countries' buildings. That cathedral looks huge (as does the library). Reminds me how YOUNG our country (as we know it to be) is. We've got what...400 years of history compared to several centuries of history left intact and still standing today in other countries? Fascinating.

Also, I was doing an English accent in my head as I read this. I know - totally the wrong one. Guess my brain couldn't process the Irish one, lol.

Try Anything Once Terri said...

@Grace - I know! Pretty isn't it? I love old things.

@Daphne - I totally agree with the U.S.'s youth. was reading another blog and the person mentioned that everything in Italy looked old. I thought , " Well, of course it does. It IS old!"

PapayaDog said...

I love that library. It's definitely on my list of must sees if we ever get to Dublin


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