Friday, January 6, 2012

Fantasy Travel Friday - Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Since it's the start of a New Year, why not dream about pushing ourselves to the limit? I can't think of anything else more challenging than setting out to climb one of the tallest mountains in the world. While I'm not a big hiker, climber or trekker, I could see why people would want to add climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to their bucket list.

This trip isn't about luxury. It's about reaching the summit and pushing yourself. I tried to find a luxury option for this and couldn't really come up with very much. You'll be spending about five to six hours trekking per day, so it may not matter how spiffy your tent is. You might just want somewhere to sit down at the end of the day, right?

If I'm going to hike all day, I wouldn't mind looking at that crater for motivation.

Lots of camping

A Kilimanjaro Camp Breakfast

I will say that if I ever manage the climb with all of its physical (and I presume mental) challenges that I will be as happy as these guys look.

If you have been to Mount Kilimanjaro, you MUST comment and tell us about your experience! Has hiking, mountain climbing or trekking been an integral part of any of your travels? Where did you go, and what was your favorite hike?

Happy Weekend!


globe trotter said...

....soo I haven't been to Mt Kili but I have gazed longingly at it from Arusha,Tanzana during my 2010 visit. This year we plan to make the anyone?!

BigAppleNosh said...

Like globe trotter, my only encounter with Kili was when I was in Arusha. My friends who have climbed it though loved the experience!

Melinda said...

I'm not sure if Kilimanjaro is the same deal as Everest, but I heard that the way you actually climb to the top is to climb to a forward camp and then every day you climb up a little further to acclimate to the altitude and then return to the camp. You do that every day until you make it to the top. That didn't sound like fun to me. Also, I just did a "moderate" hike in Yosemite that just about killed me. So yeah, I don't think I'm cut out for it. Though I would love to see the MT from a distance :)

Try Anything Once Terri said...

@globe trotter - I wish I could give good tips for those areas!!

@Big Apple Nosh - That's right! I remember that you went to Tanzania. Your pics were awesome!

@Melinda - I suspect that you are right that there are daily climbs. The crazy things about getting altitude sickness is that you're not sure if you are susceptible to it until you get there. I hear such nice things about Yosemite.

Oneika said...

Like globe trotter have only been to Arusha and gazed longingly up at the base camp! Looks very cool!

Grace said...

I love your fantasy trips: I always want to go on them immediately, and this week is no exception. The mountain looks so beautiful.

Kristin ~ Bien Living Design said...

I'm not a hiker or a climber, but climbing Kilimanjaro/K2/Everest is something that I wish I could do! I've read so many books about it & wish I could do it :)


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