Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures of Me

I'm bad at making sure that I have pictures of me when I travel. I've been looking through pictures of our past few trips, and I realize I have very few good ones of me to add the TAO Facebook page now that it's switched over to timeline. Husband J is a great travel partner, but he is NOT good at saying, "Hey, let me make sure you have a picture of you in front of x spot." It's not really his fault. I could just ask more. I guess I have no one to blame but me?

I've never been into taking pictures. I don't mind taking them when I am at events or for special occasions, but it's not something that I go out of my way to do. I know some people who would take pictures of themselves all day just for fun. I found doing that a little frivolous, a waste of time and vain (Don't worry. I have others ways that I can be vain), especially when this was back in the day before digital cameras and the opportunity for unlimited shots. Waste an exposure on just me? Nah.

Well, I'm over it now. Bump that! I'm going to make sure I get better pictures of me on this trip!!

What about you? Are you the first in front of the camera? Do you shy away from taking pictures when traveling or otherwise? Do you take pictures of yourself just for fun?

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lavenderpug said...

i'm okay about taking pictures on trips and getting shots of kevin, but he doesn't offer as much to take pictures of me and i don't ask him either. but we're working on that so that there's proof that both of us were there!

Lauren said...

Most of our travel pictures have more of Chris than of me, because I'm usually carrying the camera. He does a good job of trying to turn it around on me (mostly because he gets tired of having his picture taken), and I have no problem asking another tourist or traveling family member to take a shot so we can both be in the picture. I love to return the favor for another couple or family.

nodakademic said...

I really try to get pictures of us individually and together on vacation, because photo albums are important to me and those are the photos I think people like to see from a vacation. Anyone can take a picture of Mt. Rushmore, but not anyone has a picture of me in front of it, you know?

Jenn said...

I always get plenty of pictures of my husband on our trips and he does ask to take pictures of me often, but we never seem to get pictures of the two of us together. We have no good ones together from our honeymoon!

Try Anything Once Terri said...

Hey, all! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I will make sure that we get pictures together, too!

@Nodakademic - I hear you. The problem is that I NEED to take pictures of JUST Mount Rushmore as a travel blogger. I want to have my own version of how I see something fabulous. The problem is that I have not had any balance. As a travel storyteller, I still think my main purpose is to convey a sense of the place to the people that read this blog. It's really not about me, but I do want more cool pics of myself for posterity. :)


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