Monday, April 2, 2012

Husband J & the Canada Curse

When Husband J and I visited Buffalo, New York last year we were supposed try to hop over the border for a quick 36 hour or so visit to my family in Toronto. I haven't seen many of them in over 20 years, which is downright ridiculous considering how close Toronto is to New York (it's a one hour flight from NYC).

Husband J and I had our passports ready, and we went off to LaGuardia Airport to leave on our U.S. Airways flight last Memorial Day weekend. We were a half hour from boarding when our flight got cancelled. It was a bright sunny day, and everything seemed to be going fine in terms of flights leaving. The airline gave no reason why our flight got cancelled. Remind me to stay away from U.S. Airways, if I can.

We hemmed and hawed about whether to continue our weekend trip. Part of the reason we wanted to go at this time was because my friend was pregnant (She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a few months later). We figured it would be easier to visit that weekend than when they had a newborn. With such little time, it seemed that we would have to ax our time in Toronto. I was a sad panda. It pained me to have to tell my family that I wasn't going to be able to see them after all that time.

I really did look like this. I was so upset.

Apparently, this is the fourth (or more instance) Husband J has almost gone to Canada. Between work and weekends away, each time he's tried to go to our neighbor to the North, something gets cancelled or botched.

I've decided to name Husband J's string of bad luck with trips to Canada as the Canada Curse. Even though we didn't make it to Canada, it might be for the best. We are going to plan a long weekend that will focus solely on going to Toronto so that we can give this exciting city AND my family the attention and time they deserve.

For now, the closest Husband J has gotten to Canada was drinking some Molson and Labatt's beer (think Canadian Bud Light) and staring at the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

Here's to you, Canada.

Have you had a string of bad luck when it comes to traveling to a certain place?

By the way, check out posts about my time in Buffalo, New York here.

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Carrie said...

I have, actually! I have a traveling curse on Japan! The first time I was supposed to visit Japan was when I studied abroad, and we had a big ol' shipwreck that kept us from getting there. So, two years later, I was planning to visit my best friend, who was living there. I was just about to buy my plane ticket when she let me know she was coming home early due to being horribly homesick! Foiled again! I'll make it there someday (hopefully).


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