Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back Trackin', Ireland Edition - Sky Road, Clifden, Ireland

It's Wednesday and no post until now..oops!

Did I tell you all that Husband J and I went to Ireland several years ago? I don't think I did. One of my favorite days during our very short five-day trip was in Clifden. Why? Well it is a beautiful place, and it was the first time our entire trip that we had a full day of sun. Never underestimate the power of bright daylight or the fact that Ireland truly is rainy! Clifden is located in the western coast of Ireland in County Galway, about 77km from the city of Galway itself. It's one of the major towns in the Connemara region.

In addition to being a cute little town, one of Clifden's main attractions is the the Sky Road, an 11km portion of Clifden's roadway with lovely scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean, smaller islands off the coast and local spots of interest. I felt bad for Husband J having to drive so much at this point as the road itself is pretty narrow and slightly harrowing. Yet it was really worth the trouble. You can definitely stop off and see vistas like this:

This was definitely the picturesque Ireland we were hoping to see complete with animals! (Do you see the horse below?)

Visitors also hike in the fields and paths below Sky Road. We just stuck to the car. I've already mentioned I'm not too outdoorsy. :)

We somehow found someone to take our picture.

Besides Sky Road, Clifden itself has its own little charm.

Yes, that is a classic car, one of many we saw in Ireland.

The view just outside of the center of Clifden

I have to say one of the many reasons I enjoyed Clifden so much was that we had some luxe accommodation while we were there. We skimped on the accommodation portion of the budget for this trip. Not such a great idea! Plus, back in 2007, the Euro was giving the US Dollar a major beat down, and everything (especially hotels and B&Bs) was ridiculously expensive. Thank goodness for the Abbeyglen Hotel for saving our trip in this respect, even if it was just one night.

We go to stay in a castle!! It looked like it from the inside too!

The rooms were huge. Don't get me started on the bathrooms. Heavenly tubs!

Thanks to Clifden for giving us (or at least me) my favorite day in Ireland. If you are in this part of Ireland (it's not far from Galway or the Cliffs of Moher, more on those places in other posts), then definitely spend an afternoon or day here taking in the flavor of small town Ireland.


melinda said...

Oooh! I always see Travel Zoo deals for Irish getaways at castles and wondered what they'd be like on the inside. Looks like I'll have to go!

Nellie said...

Woah! Hotel in a castle... I think I need to put that on my bucket list.

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, it's so green and beautiful! And next time you stay in a castle, please send an invite! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I so want to visit Ireland one day. Love your photos---this place looks amazing!I totally need to stay in a castle. OMG!


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