Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm Still Alive!/A Holla to my BFF

Hey there!

I am totally under the weather this week, but I think I might be getting better. Life all of a sudden has caught up to me, and I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by the holidays, an unclean home and projects that I am working on.

While I was sick this weekend, I got the chance to go to my BFF's wedding. For years, BFF was my travel partner, and we had some definitely had our share of highjinks. Here is a sampling of some of the wackier things that have happened in my travels with her:

1. Being mistaken for a prostitute in the middle of the day wearing a turtleneck, jacket and jeans while in Merida, Spain (this requires some explanation...someday).

2. The curmudgeon French winery owner who opened up his closed shop and unhappily sold us his wine despite our crappy French in Colmar, France.

3. Being eaten alive by bedbugs in a cheap hotel by the train station in Reims, France. I think after this experience we realized we were too old to completely skimp on accomodations.

4. Following some random guy down the street who promised us a place to sleep in Sevilla, Spain Luckily, we ended up in a small but passably okay hostal, but BFF wasn't buying it at first. I always say safety in numbers. We would have been able to take him. :)

5. BFF ended up almost choking on glass in her couscous in Marrakech, Morocco. Yeah, we got that meal for free.

6. Climbing like a Spiderman in water-filled caves in Belize.

I wish her a beautiful life together with her new husband, and I may even make her do a guest post some time soon. Her honeymoon is going to be fabulous!

I love you, BFF!

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lavenderpug said...

that is so sweet! sounds like you two have had many a fabulous adventure together. hope you feel better terri!


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