Monday, December 20, 2010

Musings of a Wannabe Ski Bunny

I've never been skiing...EVER! It is one of my biggest travel/sporting disappointments that I have never been able to try skiing. I think skiing also goes into my file of "People I knew growing up just didn't do this voluntarily" folder. Growing up where I did, GOOD ski mountains were at least several hours away and apparently skiing is not cheap to do, hence not that many opportunities to get to the slopes.

Husband J has been skiing for years. I've been begging him to take me skiiing, but every time I bring it up, he gets this deep scowl on his face and whips out the reasons why I shouldn't want to ski:

1. It's a pain to get there and back. (Rebuttal: That is why God created rental cars.)

2. It's hard on your body, especially your knees (Rebuttal: So is running, and you're not discouraging me from that.)

3. It's hard to learn as an adult. (Rebuttal: I have no inclinations of being on the U.S. National Ski team. I just want to make it down the Bunny Slope without falling on my butt.).

For some reason, Husband J thinks I want to begin skiing every weekend, but all I really want to do is just TRY it..just once (Hello, blog title!!).

If I am really honest with myself, what I want more than the skiing lesson is the ski lodge experience. While I consider winter to be hibernation time, I would totally love to be in a romantic ski lodge/resort looking at the snow, getting snuggly next to a warm fire or better yet a hot tub. Don't these places below make you want to do just that?

A ski lodge in Utah

The lodge's interior

A luxury ski chalet in Breckenridge, Colorado

I'm loving this Breckenridge ski chalet's outdoor hot tub.

Lodge Bodensee, St. Anton, Arlberg, Austria

Perhaps a resort is a better idea instead of a house/chalet?
Le Chabichou, Courchevel, France (Princess Di stayed here!)

Anyway, this is all me daring to dream. I figure maybe it's just better to accept the cold weather instead of complaining about it. :)

So, my dear readers, do any of you have a favorite place to ski? Where was your most memorable ski vacation? Most importantly, how do I convince Husband J that a ski trip will be worth our while? :)


melinda said...

Mr. Palindrome's parents have a rental out in Steamboat Springs, CO. Let me know if you want the hook up! Besides skiing, there's a lot to do (natural hot springs, live music, etc.). If he's reluctant to book a trip, maybe surprise him with a gift ski weekend???? :)

Anonymous said...

I want to go to there. Sean's parents live in Colorado, so we go there often, but we miss out on the ski lodge experience since they live there. Maybe we need to sneak away for a night next time we're in town.

Anonymous said...

Skiing is so fun, you guys should try Jiminy Peak in Western Mass, it's not as far as the VT slopes but decent-sized and priced...It's where I took P to try skiing for the first time last winter and he had a blast!

Tiffany said...

Hot tubs + cold weather = magic.

I could totally skip the skiing if I could just hang out in those fabulous lodges! ;)

Try Anything Once Terri said...

@melinda - oh my! I may totally have to take yo up on that!

@mintedlife - Totally do it! I'm sure your in-laws probably think great skiing is old hat, but it's got to be nice if you're not form there.

@arunnerslife - I'm going to put that on the list of possibilities. Husband J has always gone to Maine but that's because he is from New England.

@Tiffany - That's what I'm talkin' about. :)

BigAppleNosh said...

I used to go to Killington for snowboarding - they have awesome waffles! :)

Kayleigh Holton said...

Skiing is one of the most exciting outdoor activities that I’ve tried and enjoyed so far. You and your husband should try it. I assure you, once you get to try it, you’ll love to do it again. There are beautiful places to ski in, like France, Austria & Switzerland.


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