Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best of 2010 - Travel

Hi, everyone!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. For those of you on the U.S. East Coast (or traveling towards or from there), I wish you safe travels. Getting home yesterday was not as harrowing as I thought it would be, but I am still amazed at how businesses choose NOT to shovel their sidewalks. I was climbing over some major snow just to get our building's front door. Yikes! Rant over...

I'm still pretty shocked that 2011 is really staring us in the face. One of the fun things (to me anyway) about this week are the year end reviews of the past year, so I thought I would do the same for this blog. I was lucky to be able to go to a few new places this year: Las Vegas, Bali and Arizona. I thought I would show you some of my Top Ten favorite pictures from these trips...in no particular order.

The fountain show at the Bellagio

I was glad to finally see this in person after way too many viewings of "Ocean's 11." There was no DeBussy playing in the background though.

The mock Statue of Liberty outside of the New York, New York casino, Las Vegas

I'm still not sure how I feel about Las Vegas as a whole. Going there as a married 30-something that doesn't really stay out late anymore is probably a lot different than going when I was in my single, hard core partying 20's. The most fun part of being there for me was meeting many of my blogger friends from Weddingbee, but I enjoyed the over-the-top architecture and scale of the casinos.

Bale Kambung (Floating Pavilion) of Taman Gili in Semarapura, Bali

Lake Batur, Bali

Goa Lawah (aka the Bat Cave), Padang Bai, Bali

While this is not the greatest picture, looking at this and remembering the low hum of all of those bats clustered together and the smell (OH, the SMELL) has to be one of the more memorable moments of our trip to Bali.

Seminyak Beach, Bali

Religious celebrations are a part of everyday life in Bali. From the small offerings at the doorsteps of homes and businesses to the temple celebrations lasting well into the night, religious observances are everywhere and inescapable. I enjoyed learning more about Balinese Hinduism and often being able to experience it first hand.

Sedona, Arizona

My first trip to the Southwest was so worth it. Seeing these majestic red rock formations was definitely one of the highlights. I'd love to explore this part of the country again.

Sunrise over the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

More of the Grand Canyon (Can you tell that I loved it?)

There were lots of pictures to choose from, and I am sure that I am missing something in this list. I am glad to have been fortunate enough to have these experiences this year. Here's hoping for an even more adventurous 2011!

What were some of your favorite moments travel or otherwise of 2010? If you like any of these pictures, I'd love to know your favorite.

Next up: My Top Ten Food Shots of 2o10.


lavenderpug said...

i love the floating pavilion picture and that last one of the grand canyon. i guess i should put bali as one of my top trips this year, and i'd also have to put our weekend trip to philadelphia on the list as well. a little random, but it was a great little city.

Anonymous said...

You took some awesome trips this year, thanks for sharing! I wanna go to Bali sooo bad!


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