Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blame It on Irene?

Hey, all!

As you can tell from the title of this post, I've been affected by Hurricane Irene's visit to the East Coast last weekend. Our apartment is fine, and so are we. The issue is that Husband J and I were one of the many thousands of people whose travel plans were affected by the shutdown of various forms of public transportation (I still can't believe that the New York City subway was VOLUNTARILY shut down!!). Husband J has returned home, but I have not (whole other story). Anyhoo, I'll be writing more about our trip soon as well what we had to do get back home.

Did Hurricane Irene affect anyone else's travel plans last weekend and this week?


Daphne said...

Glad that you and husband J are safe and sound! Hopefully, you will have safe travels on journey back home.

I live in Central Florida on the west (Gulf of Mexico) coast, so I wasn't impacted by Irene.

Diana said...

Glad you guys are okay, it sounds like NY state got hit pretty bad and that NYC got bad winds like we did. I hope you get home soon, but glad you are safe.

Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

I'm happy to hear you guys are fine. I hope you get home okay!


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