Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer So Far - A NYC Summer

Even though there is still technically over a month left of it, I can already feel people beginning to turn their attention towards fall. I've been feeling a cool underlying breeze even with 80+ degree Fahrenheit temperatures, and I'm just not ready yet for a change. I am still in summer mode.

I think I'm having a pretty good summer, or at least I should say that I'm taking advantage of opportunities to see and do things around the city. While many may complain about the heat and odd smells (it's NYC, y'all), I love New York City summers. There are free concerts, movies, festivals, and really anything that you can imagine at your fingertips with much better weather (I'm going to ignore our heatwave last month).

Here's a look at what I've been doing this summer.

Summer movie at Bryant Park

I remember when this park just homeless folks and drug addicts. Really. Yet now this place used to house Fashion Week, has holiday markets and skating rink later in the year and is a overall oasis in Midtown Manhattan. It's also the place where I tend to indulge in outdoor movies. Every summer people pack in here for free movies ranging from comedies to classic dramas. My BFF and I managed to catch one this summer. If you ever go, GET THERE EARLY!! Half the lawn will be full by 5:15pm, fifteen minutes after it's opened to the public.

It gets crowded with picncikers (is that a word?).

You all should know that I don't show up to things like this without requisite provisions. Who am I?
I also had some quinoa salad and a cold crab dish not shown here.

We came to see "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," and Marilyn Monroe singing "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" was priceless. The movie was actually quite funny with a real modern sensibility. I was surprised, since I tend not to like older movies.
Can you see Marilyn?

A Mets Game at CitiField

To me, summer means baseball, and I usually go to at least one game per year. I am a Mets fan, which mean I like teams that lose. :( Either way, the only 2 year-old Citi Field is a great place to see a baseball game because it's small, intimate, open and airy. I'll also still refer to it as Shea (the former stadium name) partially becaue I'm annoyed at corporate naming rights. :)

One of the best reasons to go to Citi Field (the Mets are not enough) is for the food. It's got an outpost of the infamous Shake Shack with its accompanying ridiculously long line. My personal favorite is Blue Smoke. Its order of Kansas City ribs is satisfying for two adults. Make sure to catch the beer stand with over 20 beers on offer a few feet away. Food must be taken seriously, even at the ball park. :)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden After Hours

Husband J and I are members at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Support your local cultural organizations, everyone! Anyway, we get free admission and, during the summer, special after hours privileges.

July 4 in New England

Not NYC, but sometimes we need to leave. :) Husband J's family is from New England, the U.S.A.'s birthplace. We've never spent a July 4 weekend there and decided to change that this year. I will say that I did enjoy the small town parade. It was an interesting piece of Americana for me, the city slicker.

Most of the parade was classic cars and tractors. It's fun to see how people in different parts of the country celebrate holidays.

There was a whole ton of water fights. I stayed away from that.

How's your summer been? What's been your favorite activity or event so far?


BigAppleNosh said...

I LOVE nyc summers! Looks like you're taking full advantage of what the city has to offer! :)

Oneika said...

Ok, so I don't even like ribs, but those have got me licking my lips!!

Lauren said...

Those ribs look really good! So far the summer has just been hot down here but we're looking forward to a trip up east soon.

Our Wired Lives said...

I dig the way you picnic! My fave activity so far this summer has been being a tourist in DC.


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