Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadan Mubarak

According to the Islamic lunar calendar, today is the first day of Ramadan, the Muslim month of all-day fasting and reflection. During Ramadan many Muslims read the through the Qur'an, refocus on charitable gifts and volunteering and increase their time of prayer. My neighborhood will be busy as I live very close to a mosque, and my neighborhood has traditionally had a large Muslim population. As a matter of fact, it's been called Little Mecca.

Although Ramadan happens for one month per year, an integral part of the daily life in a Muslim country is the call to prayer. One of my favorite travel memories actually involves the call to prayer. I was in downtown Durban, South Africa's predominantly Muslim area. It was sunset and the light streaming through old colonial looking buildings. The next thing I know, a beautiful voice part singing, part chanting with so much soul and feeling emanated through the streets. It was the sundown call to prayer, and I was taken in completely. I remember feeling very at peace at that moment. Even though I'm not Muslim, I was deeply affected.

In honor of the beginning of Ramadan, I thought I would share with you with the call to evening prayer near our hotel in Cappadocia. I liked this one better than the one at 4:30am (that's not even a typo). :)

Cappadocia Prayer Call from TAOTerri on Vimeo.

For any of you celebrating Ramadan, I wish you a healthy month of fasting, reflection and greater peace.

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Tony Van Helsing said...

I live near Bradford in Yorkshire with a huge Muslim population. I went for a curry one night and the waiters where taking there time. Turned out that the sun had set so they were all eating as they had ben fasting all day.


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