Friday, August 12, 2011

Fantasy Travel Friday - Singita Sabora Tented Camp

Hey, all!

I thought I'd start a new feature called Fantasy Travel Friday. On a Friday, I will post about some of the most luxurious accommodations, extreme or adventurous activities and just fun overall travel stuff that we mere mortals might not be able access (at least afford right now). Heading into the weekend, you're probably daydreaming already, so why not start here?

The first Fantasy Travel Friday nod goes to the Singita Sabora Tented Camp in Tanzania's Serengenti National Park. By the way, I know some people have issues with safaris, safari companies, etc., but please suspend your issues and disbelief to take a look at this place.

While I've done a safari drive before, I've never stayed in luxurious accomodations. With a tented camp you can stay a little bit closer to the action. However, this is not your ordinary camp. Oh no. Singita takes the idea of "camping" to a whole other level.

Perhaps you'll wake up to the sound of birds and maybe something more ferocious in the background.

The tent is pretty comfortable, so it might be easy to sleep a little late. You might have to wake up for an early morning game drive or walk, though.

Take a bath and watch the scenery? Why not?

I wonder what's for breakfast. It looks like croissants, orange juice, yogurt and fruit. I love the idea of rolling out of my bed in the middle of the bush (see it in the background?) and walking over to eat breakfast.

There's a gym! I guess some people need their run on the treadmill? Why could I see Husband J totally using this? :)

At the end of the day, it will be nice to sit under the stars.....

A candle lit/star lit dinner would be the way that I'd end the day....

Sigh...isn't this place ridunk?

Have you been on a safari? If you haven't, where would you go? What animals would you like see most?

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Morgan said...

Yes please! This looks like amazing accommodations while on safari. Maybe someday I'll make it to Africa....and I want to see ALL the animals! :)

Alice said...

Beautiful place! Loving this new series already!!

Daphne said...

I suspect I will enjoy this series :).

I've never been on a safari. Can't say I've ever been interested, but not for the same reasons others may object to them. It's just not my idea of an adventurous vacation.

Never the less, the pictures are gorgeous. My favorites are the last two - the evening views. Nice!

Erin said...

Let's go there NOW! Its gorgeous - like "Out of Africa". Am tempted to cash out my savings :)

Great idea for Friday fun. Will you take suggestions? Much to my husband's dismay, I love to daydream about luxury vacations that my non-profit salary will never support.

TheThreeLLLs said...

This looks heavenly!! Africa is definitely on my list. I am so excited for this new Friday series!

Oneika said...

I have been on safari in Tanzania and went to the Serengeti but it was DEFINITELY not luxury... :-) We did are VERY budget tour so we slept in tents and generally roughed it but it was still a great time!

caribbelle said...

goodness, this looks spectacular!!


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