Friday, February 3, 2012

Fantasy Travel Friday - Snowy & Local at Lake Placid Lodge

Usually about this time during the winter I'm sick of the cold. This hasn't been the coldest of winters here in New York City (It was 60 degrees Fahrenheit earlier this week!), so I guess I can manage another month. At the same time, I do love the fact that I live in a place which experiences all four seasons. I'd be sad if I couldn't enjoy some wintry weather at some point.

During the winter, I think I prefer to stay relatively close to home for fun. Lake Placid, New York nestled in the Adirondack Mountains and a 5 hour drive away from New York City, would be a perfect LOCAL winter wonderland. The name may sound familiar because the area hosted the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980, so this might be the right time to get in some bobsledding (you know you want to try) in addition to all of the skiing and sleigh rides.

When I found the Lake Placid Lodge, I knew it would be the place to stay warm after all that cold, outdoor activity.

The individual cabins look so rustic.

I love that the rooms make you feel as if you are sleeping in nature but are really luxurious at the same time.
Check out the ceiling!

That bed is sooo cool.

The bed from a different angle

There's nothing like a nice bubble bath while looking at the snow.

As for things to do at the Lake Placid Lodge, I think I'd just relax on the water if it's not absolutely freezing (with lots and lots of blankets and something warm to drink, of course).

Learn how to ski (finally!)

Maybe I'd get Husband J onto a toboggan.

After a day of running around in the snow, the Lake Placid Lodge has two onsite restaurants that I'd enjoy.

I'm pretty surprised that such a fabulous winter getaway is so close by. Never forget that some of the best adventure can be found right around the corner.

Do you have any favorite winter getaway spots near you?

Happy Weekend!


Nodakademic said...

I definitely recommend Lake Placid! I've been there a few times...really beautiful in summer and winter. Great food too :) If you ever decide to head up that way let me know! I can make some recommendations.

Try Anything Once Terri said...

@Nodakademic - Oooh..thanks for the heads up! I totally will. I was telling my husband about Lake Placid this morning. He liked that it was closer to us than many of the New England ski venues.


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