Friday, February 17, 2012

Fantasy Travel Friday - Southern Hospitality at the Inn at Palmetto Bluffs

I'm a Northeast girl at heart, but even I am sometimes curious about experiencing the beauty and magic of the American South. I haven't spent much time traveling through the South, but there are parts that definitely call to me, especially the South Carolina Lowcountry, South Carolina's southern coast including the neighboring Sea Islands. The region is known for its distinct beauty, food and culture particularly that of the Gullah people.

I can't imagine a more luxurious way to experience easygoing Southern hospitality than spending some time at the Inn at Palmetto Bluffs.

For a New Yorker like me, I would need to unwind and slow down a little. I could see myself sipping some lemonade on the screened porch.

or maybe outside

With its individual cottages, I might need some coaxing to leave these comfortable rooms.

Eventually, I'd have to leave the room to take in the Lowcountry beauty.

I'd definitely find some time to walk along the May River next to the inn.

Husband J would characteristically find the golf course.

I think I might try stand up paddle boarding?!
Okay, maybe not.

Then, I'd eat well. Really well.

I could definitely fall in love with Lowcountry living.

Have you been to South Carolina Lowcountry or another part of the Southeastern United States? What is your favorite part of the Southeast?

Happy Weekend!

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Melinda said...

Jason was stationed in Charleston for a while and it was one of my very favorite places! It is much slower paced, but I think we all need that now and then - drink some sweet tea on the porch and play a game of checkers :)


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