Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In My 'Hood - Van Horn Sandwich Shop

I know that sometimes I might feature food that seems a bit hoity-toity or unfamiliar, but like everyone else, I can enjoy simple food. One afternoon I was craving something that wasn't going to make me think very much about what I was eating. I just wanted something familiar.

I can't think of anything more familiar than a chicken sandwich. Yup. A simple chicken sandwich. Van Horn Sandwich Shop's sandwich completely fit the bill.

I will say that this by far one of the best chicken sandwiches I have ever tasted. I always fear that chicken sandwiches will be DRY with no flavor especially when I see an outside coating. This chicken sandwich was so juicy, and the cabbage slaw's tanginess added a nice acidic bite. I didn't even add anything to the sandwich, if I remember correctly. This is one of Van Horn's signature dishes along with their fried catfish sandwich and bacon, lettuce and pimento cheese sandwich.

Of course, I couldn't leave with just a sandwich, so I went and had the hush puppies, too. You might want to share the order (unlike me).

Nothing beats the crispness of a well-fried hush puppy. They're only made better by the honey-infused butter that accompanied it.

Simple indeed.

Van Horn Sandwich Shop
231 Court Street
Brooklyn, New York


Tony Van Helsing said...

I have to hand it to Americans, no-one can top their sandwiches. That looks absolutely delicious.

Try Anything Once Terri said...

@TOny - LOL! You are too funny! Yes, we do a good job of great sandwiches here. Anything between two pieces of bread is going to be pretty good. :)

colleen said...

I can never say no to a good sandwich. Especially fried catfish and bacon? Damn.


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