Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5 Food Inventions by Black Inventors

I'm going to squeeze in one more post for Black History Month before February ends. I know that I'm lucky that I had an extra day.

If you've noticed that I didn't do any Black History Month posts re: food, you're perceptive. I know that there are historical figures in food, but it took a little more effort to find them than I thought it would. I found these five inventors and their inventions and were surprised by many of them.

1. George Crum invented the potato chip as we know it in 1853 in Saratoga Springs, New York.

My favorite potato chips. What are yours?

2. George Washington Carver, scientist and inventor, creates 145 different products utilizing peanuts, including peanut butter.

My favorite peanut butter. Do you like crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

3. Joseph Lee invented and patented improvements to the dough kneading machine, the precursor to modern day bread making machines.

My mom has one of these. If you make bread at home, do you use a machine or do it the old fashioned way?

4. Alexander P. Ashbourne invents the biscuit cutter in 1875.

5. Alfred Cralle invented and patented the ice cream scooper in 1897 after noticing that ice cream shops dispensed ice cream in an inefficient way.

I wish it were warmer outside, so I could actually eat ice cream. :(

Which of these inventions is your favorite?

Many facts via Soul Food Advisor


Alice said...

PEANUT BUTTER!!! I can't get enough of PB!

Our Wired Lives said...

Potato Chips! I love this list.

Lauren said...

Thanks for this new knowledge! I love ice cream, and since it's nearly 80 today, I'm going to go with the ice cream scoop.

lavenderpug said...

so cool to learn this stuff--thank you! i'll go with potato chips, salt & vinegar flavor.

Daphne said...

Lutz Crab-flavored potato chips. OMG, heavenly. I have a co-worker from Maryland, and he was gracious enough to bring a few bags with him from his last trip. Can't find them in my area ( probably for the best, ha).

I've been wanting to bake my own bread, but don't have a bread machine. To be honest, I think I'd prefer trying it with a bread machine first, but I'm not really pressed to buy one, either.

Crunchy peanut butter for the win!

The Duo Dishes said...

The last three are brand new news. That's really interesting to find out. Thanks for highlighting these.

Erin said...

What a great post!

Diana said...

I need to learn more history and more about inventors because I didnt know that about the potato chip or the ice cream scooper...okay well the only one I really knew was George Washington fav...Love chunky peanut butter!!

Finally getting back into blogging!!


BigAppleNosh said...

PB! I remember that fact from doing a report on George Washington Carver for school! :)


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