Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm not a hot dog person. Since I allowed meat back into my life a few years ago now, I have gravitated more towards burgers. My first review ever on this blog was for Bark Hot Dogs here in Brooklyn, but even with their great chili cheese dogs, I'm still not a hot dog convert.

When I heard via the lovely Carly of The Less than Domestic Goddess that Japadog was coming to New York City, I knew that I going to have to check out some Asian inspired hot dogs from this Vancouver, Canada import. I'm still waiting to try Asia Dog, which is New York City's version, but these Canadians reeled me in.

I decided to go with the combo option since that allowed me to try any hot dog on the menu, fries and a drink of my choice (primarily sodas in the Coca-Cola family or water).

A Terimayo hot dog and the Shichimi & Garlic fries

Terimayo Dog - Teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed

I picked this hot dog in particular because I wanted to try something that most definitely would have Asian flavors, and it's also considered Japadog's signature dog. When I bit into it, I could sense the hot dog's crispness, and I tasted a nice subtle meaty flavor. Whatever the dog is made from, it's definitely the real deal. I think the hot dog would be great plain with a little spicy mustard. I really do like seaweed, so for me it didn't take anything away from the taste. I didn't feel the need to add anything else to the dog even though Sriracha, relish and other condiments are available. Eating the hot dog could be a little hard at times because the dog kept slipping a little in the bun, but that's hot dogs for ya. Did I like it? Yes. Wowed? Not really, but I'm okay with that.

Shichimi & Garlic "shaken" fries

Shichimi is a Japanese spice mixture. Even if the name was unfamiliar, the taste was a little bit of deja vu. Crispy fries coated in anything akin to seasoned salt will never do you wrong. I was eating these faster than the hot dog, so I think my taste buds were telling me something.

All in all, I thought Japadog was a tasty and cheap lunch. At less than $9 for the combo, I wouldn't mind going back for a snack or inexpensive, quick lunch if I'm in the area. Japadog still hasn't turned me from my burger ways, but an occoasional trip from time to time may convert me some day.

Do you prefer burgers or hot dogs?

30 St. Mark's Place
New York, NY


Monique said...

I am a burger girl through and through. It's always the first thing I get when I travel to the States, because a good one is hard to find in Europe.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Those fries look awesome!


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